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    Mexican invasion assist with GPS

    This is not a duplicate of already posted comments about Mexicans giving Satellite navigation equipment to illegal invader. It is an introduction and explanation of satellite locating devices. This information is beneficial to all of you. The explanations are for novices and interested parties.

    First and foremost the news media may have overblown the story. According to information we have seen it is the State of Puebla who is proposing the devices. The Monterrey Technical school is interested in developing an inexpensive device. This sounds like the media jumped the gun.

    The US Military launched a series of 24 satellites that are in synchronous orbit. Devices on the ground receive signals from three satellites. Through sophisticated computations the device uses trigonometry to plot the location on the ground from the satellite transmissions. The location on the ground is the longitude and latitude of the person.

    The earth has been divided into segments with lines drawn North South and East West. The North South lines look like segments of an orange. The earth makes one complete rotation in 24 hours. So there are 24 time zones. The British established Greenwich, England mean time as the start of all timing and longitudes. The clock term 8 am means in Latin Ante Meridian. 8 pm is Post Meridian. 8 am is 4 hours before the sun is directly overhead and 8 pm is 8 hours after it is overhead. A circle is divided into 360 degrees. So 24 longitudes would be 360/24 = 15 degrees wide. These degrees, to get better refinement, are subdivided into minutes and seconds. 60 minutes is a degree. The second of arc is 1/60th of a minute. Any straight line that runs north south is a meridian.

    A parallel of latitude is a line drawn parallel to the equator and is a circle girding the earth. Any number of parallels can be drawn, cutting each meridian at a right angle. The angular distance of any parallel of latitude is measured along a meridian, or at the center of the earth, from the equator towards the north pole. And is named north south and may be an angle up to 90 deg north or 90 deg south.

    Positions are defined by a form of grid reference, the co-ordinates being latitude and longitude. A positions latitude is the number of degrees and minutes it is north or south of the equator. It’s longitude is the degrees and minutes which the meridian on which it lies is east or west of prime meridian ) deg ( the Greenwich meridian ).

    In order for Mexicans to be found by the Border Patrol they must send a signal giving their locations in longitudes and latitudes. The GPS does not do that. A supplementary addition must be incorporated called a Terra Fix. Personal Location Beacon. The PBL rescue anatomy entails the COMSAT-SARSAT satellite system; a rescue center; mission control center; ground station local user terminal. When a signal is triggered by a lost coyote it sends the longitude and latitude of the lost person. It is currently accurate to less than 3 meters. The BP helicopter can home in exactly.

    These devices are very popular with American hunters. Mountain climbers, skiers, ocean yacht sailors use these also. In the marine application they are called EPIRBE’s basically emergency personnel locating beacons. These GPS-Terrafix units currently sell for $500 to $700. Cabela’s is one supplier. *( Google Cabelas ).

    Now lets move on to some fascinating applications Google Earth !! Google Earth is a FREE download of satellite imagery. It is FASCINATING. When you have it installed it is like being up in a satellite looking down on earth. There are windows to type in. You enter the desired location and it takes you there. In order to get driving directions you type in a box the origin and destination. It will give you actual satellite images of your home, neighborhood, and all features along your route in sharp clear definition. It will print turn by turn driving instructions and show you actual photos of what the locations look like. There are boxes to click on which will open and give you close up images of certain cities around the world. You will note that the locations are given in longitudes and latitudes.

    Type in Sierra Vista Arizona, home of Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report. Then type is Altar, Mexico, starting point for many border crossers. You will see close up the buildings and streets.

    Click here, you’ll see the streets and shops of Altar where the invaders soldiers of demographic warfare stage and equip for the final invasion crossing. ... altar.html

    Then type in Sassabe, Mexico another routing for hundreds of buses. This is all orchestrated by Grupo Beta, an official arm of the Mexican government.

    The photos were taken by a retired undercover DEA agent.

    Bill Tibbe

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    Here is a shot of Bregenfield New Jersey at Columbia Avenue and Washington Avenue.

    The longitudes and latitudes are showing. These are illuminated from a selection on the tool bar. On the right side of the screen there are holograms what are for tilting the view angle, a compass, a zoom feature.

    The "square at the center of the page where the traffic intersect is had these coordinates:

    W73o 59" 41.1" Thats West 73 degrees 59 minutes 41.1 seconds West of Greenwich England.

    N40o 56" 10.6' That's North 40 degrees 56 minutes 10.68 seconde North of the Equator.

    Nautical mile/s is/are used. It/they has/have a value of 6,076 feet *( A statute mile is 5,280 feet ). The definition of a nautical mile ( M ) is th distance between two points on earths surface which subtends an angle of one minute of arc ( 1' = 1/60o )

    This will be the site of a protest on Saturday.

    Bergenfield rally January 13, 2006, 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. After 10:00 AM we will walk to the Town Hall in Bergenfield to continue rallying in support of the two Border Patrol Agents. Let us all join in on the nationwide rallying, supporting Ramos and Campeon. Bring your flags, and signs we want these gentlemen pardoned, or retried.

    This is our only chance to help these guys.

    We invite everyone in New Jersey/NY and Pennsylvania to please come out and support these wonderful agents who are now facing jail term.
    Miguel Cruz, Carmen Morales and Joe, Ron Bass,Gayle Kesselman, and others will be there.

    Please help us support our Border Patrol Agents..Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Campeon

    Thank You
    Carmen YDSFM
    Cell: 908-230-1243

    New Jersey - Bergenfield/Dumont Line. 8AM to 10AM
    Columbia Ave & Washington St. (In front of the Stop & Shop parking lot)
    Bergenfield NJ / Dumont NJ
    Contact: Ron Bass

    There are three New Jersey activist groups participation:

    1. YDSFM - You Don't Speak For Me - Hispanic American Patriots

    2. UPA - United Patriots of America

    3. NJCIC - New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control

    Bill Tibbe

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    A Mexican speaks onanothe r forum:


    Hi All,

    Well I know that all of you don´t love "Mexican" people, but, well I can not defend all the Mexicans, because I know there are some of them who are not so quite "decent" or "good people", but like all, always there are good ones, and bad ones.

    I know that you maybe know more "bad" ones that good ones Mexicans... but well, I think you are ina big mistake, the false or hoax notice about the 200,000 GPS is a true HOAX, no one in Mexico knows about it!.

    I don´t know who exactly starts this false rumor or notice, you can try to search all the Internet and you will not find anything of that notice in a Mexican site, btw if this is a new law, this will need to be published in the "Diario Oficial de la Federación", and trust me, is not there. I took the time to search all the Internet and ask to some Newspaper workers about this notice... and it´s false.

    I think the Mexican goverment has to much needs before spend millions on this kind of "services" or "plus" to the immigrants.

    I will ask to you to reconsider this notice, and to reconsider all you are talking about Mexicans, not all of them are bad guys... I will not promote myself, but trust me, the real life in Mexico City and other ones, is soooo different like you think, maybe you need to travel to the real Mexico cities, and see by your eyes all the kind of people who lives here, (i´m not talking about Cancun, Acapulco o Puerto Vallarta).

    Well, I hope this helps you to get a more clear idea of this false notice.

    Best Regards,

    Christian Castillo

    P.D. I live in Mexico City, I have traveled a lot of times to USA, Canada, and some to Europe, Asia and Southamerica, and always I try to know well the things before speaking about them... think twice next time.

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