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Mexican Protests Are Smoking Gun Proving UN Plot To Takeover of U.S. Using Illegal Aliens

Mexican Protests Are Smoking Gun Proving UN Plot To Takeover of U.S. Using Illegal Aliens
An invasion of the United States by Central American illegals is one thing. That is...

Mexican Protests Are Smoking Gun Proving UN Plot To Takeover U.S. Using Illegal Aliens

Posted on Saturday, August 16th, 2014 at 11:02 pm.
by: Rick Wells

An invasion of the United States by Central American illegals is one thing. That is perfectly acceptable to most Mexican people, many of whom are engaged to some degree in the same thing or have family and friends who are. They aren’t stupid, though. They draw the line at those same Central American invaders being given a green light to stop inside their own communities. The objections by locals to their small component in this international plot is shining a spotlight on a much larger, more sinister conspiracy to overrun America, utilizing illegal foreign nationals.
It has been obvious from the beginning that this invasion of America could not possibly be the random acts of individual dirt-poor Central Americans. More proof is being brought to light through what actually are random acts, the protests of Mexicans in response to their own fears of the effects the invasion on their own quality of life.
An internationally financed facility intended to be a shelter along the way for those violating American sovereignty is now the target of protests by local Mexican residents. They are expressing their concerns that providing a facility for those illegally within their country would expose them to crime and encourage even more to come, having a domino effect, a sentiment similar to that expressed by many Americans.
Recognizing the magnet effect that such a facility presents, locals protested with shouts of “We do not want illegal” in a demonstration., a Spanish-language outlet, revealed the plan is being coordinated under the guise of a humanitarian effort by Heiman Vazquez, a Catholic priest in Huixtla, Chiapas. Supposedly he had convinced international donors to fund the construction of a facility north of their city for the purpose of providing an interim shelter along the way for illegals as they invade America.
Are we “stupid Americans” supposed to believe this is happening on its own at the behest of one Catholic priest in response to his own perceived need? It is much more likely that the international groups, including the Catholic Church, sought him out and are employing his as their agent in this one portion of the international takeover machine.
The funding is being provided by the United Nations through their “UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration, the Vatican and prominent local families, who are surely being paid well by these international “aid” efforts.
The United Nations and Vatican are clearly complicit, assuming a leading role in structuring a permanent “underground railroad” through which to they are each doing their own part in the orchestrated international invasion of the United States. Putting a protective label of “Vatican approved” only helps to insulate them from what should be American outrage.
The evidence indicates that America’s so-called “president,” in conjunction with other subversives, including DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, are enemies our nation who have seized the reins of government and are actively engaged in a coup by illegal invasion. This is not a foreign action. It is a domestically orchestrated illegal takeover conducted by and through the White House, in league with the United Nations and foreign governments.

These Mexican protests are the smoking gun. They are exposing these criminal acts if anyone in the United States cares or has the courage to stand up in opposition.
Local Mexicans, who still value the safety of their own families and are fearful that the “illegals will rape their daughters,” are voicing their legitimate concern that they “do not feel safe with these people coming to town.” They have inadvertently exposed this international effort to take over America and the role that the United Nations is playing.
The local supervising the warehouse for the illegal invaders, Vasquez, described the Mexicans in the same terms that are used to describe patriotic Americans who resist the invasion, characterizing the Mexican citizens as having “a xenophobic outbreak.” Maybe it’s okay for American children to be raped by illegals, but they take exception to risking their own children.
Vasquez said the anti-illegal immigrant sentiment was unusual and claimed that he just didn’t understand. He might be a priest, but he’s a lying, bought and paid for priest. He understands. He knows exactly what is going on and why.
Vasquez was just surprised that the locals voiced their objections. One demonstrator said, “As a neighborhood, as a colony, we have children, our daughters. Migrants who pass are both good and bad. Not that we are anti-immigrant, but [we are concerned about crime].”
We Americans are concerned about crime too. We are also concerned about a bold assault on our sovereignty as a nation, implemented by our so-called “president.” He is complicity taking part in an international assault on our country by foreigners, under the direction of the United Nations, in coordination with the Vatican and the nations of Central America and Mexico.
We have a very serious issue which has to be addressed immediately. The United States is in the midst of a coup by foreign operatives, under the direction of a criminal socialist, B. Hussein Obama.
Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit