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    Mexico's Illegal Invasion vs Islamic Terrorists

    I want to put forth something to think about...What's the difference between an illegal invasion by Mexico and some out of control middle eastern country that harbors and trains terrorists? Is it not true that IA's are responsible for killing more Americans than any terrorist country? The only difference that exists is that one country kills in the name of Islam, the other kills indiscriminately in the name of "reconquista". Islamic terrorists invoke fear and we spend billions in the government sanctioned war on terror. Illegal invasion invokes pity and guilt and American citizens are saddled with billions in costs and the loss of citizen rights . I contend that Mexico is no different in the final tally than a terrorist enemy. Prove me wrong!
    ...I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid...

    William Barret Travis
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    Mexico has been 'exporting' its social and economic problems to the U.S. through illegal immigration and smuggling. IMO it's a form of social and economic terrorism.
    "Distrust and caution are the parents of security."
    Benjamin Franklin

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    I happen to agree with you. For a long time I've said that the "War on Terror" overseas serves to distract us from the fact that American citizens are being killed everyday on our own land by illegal aliens. Unfortunately, when an illegal alien commits a crime here, that information is often downplayed by the press or not mentioned at all. Also, most American citizens have no idea how much of a financial burden illegal aliens place on our society. Again, this information is not placed in headlines across the front page of the newspaper. If it was, there would be more opposition from American citizens in regards to illegal aliens.

    I do think that because of ALIPAC and other groups like it, people are slowly becoming aware of magnitude of the problem.
    "Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest."

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    Heaven help us if illegals ever get amnesty and then they get the right to vote in our elections, they're loyalty will still be with Mexico and Mexico will be pulling all the strings...We can then kiss our way of life here in America, 'Good Bye'! The open border invasion is a form of terrorism on the America people as far as I'm concerned!

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    Perfect combination for desaster, poverty and radicalism .

    Most radicals are well funded by our leaders and the Saudis and others . The poor are invited in to take our mind off the ones who don't give a damn about staying, just conquoring. The latinos kill with ignorance and desease,while the radicals say they plan to kill with nukes and exposives . Latinos and other non muslims have a strong desire to live, the radicals have strong desire to die .

    Ignorance never wins, so my monies on the radicals who happen to be quitely infiltrating our every structure . Soon as they take over they too will be called off like the mad dogs they are by their masters who use them to do their evil for them .

    They have been testing us at every angle. Princeton University is good example, where they are going by sharia law now with seperation of mals and females. Not to speak of all the footbaths going up ,mosques, madrasse,schools and paramilitary camps where they train to kill our stupid ass's and our wild bohemian kids !

    I get mad when I see how silent my whole nation is . Except for the few here and other sites, we don't deserve freedoms that were handed us .

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