Michele Bachmann Calls on Hillary Clinton to Disavow Violent Anti-Trump Protesters in Minneapolis

22 Aug 2016

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined Breitbart’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM to discuss the violent leftwing activists who crashed a fundraiser for Republican nominee Donald Trump in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Friday night.

The leftwing activists were captured on video shouting obscenities at the fundraiser attendees and forcing them to walk through a violent “gauntlet,” in which protesters spat on them, threw debris, and even violently assaulted some.

“It’s not really even fair to say they are protestors, they were the next level which is a rent-a-mob, where they are paid to be out there and agitate. Then went beyond from being a rent-a-mob to being rent-a-thug,” Bachmann told the Breitbart radio audience. “These guys were there looking for physical violence, looking for a beat down. Look at what happened in Milwaukee, where they were looking for innocent people to beat up.”

Bachmann called on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to disavow the protesters. “[Hillary] needs to, and Barack Obama needs to, and Loretta Lynch the Attorney General also needs to disavow this. These are Hillary Clinton voters. This is what Hillary voters do.”

According to Bachmann, the Hillary Clinton voters “doing the pounding, the spitting, the physical violence,” weren’t arrested. “Nothing happened to them, there was no arrest,” Bachmann said. “That is because the Justice Department now has a new program in place for these major metropolitan areas and it’s called ‘Disparate Impact’. If Blacks or Latinos are being arrested in greater number than whites then that is considered an obvious sign of racism. Cops are told you can’t arrest or you can’t book more minorities than whites. Cops are essentially, at this point, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”

Bachmann offered praise for Breitbart News, saying it would be outlets like Breitbart that eventually force Hillary Clinton to disavow the violence exhibited at the Trump event in Minnesota.

“This is violence that is on tape. Breitbart has unaltered videotape demonstrating the pure unmitigated hatred and violence that occurred. And there is nothing that’s coming from the Hillary Clinton supporters at all. Nobody is disavowing this. Because it’s kind of like that old statement if a tree falls in the forest and it isn’t heard it, did it really happen? They are trying to ignore these events. But the more we see the kind of physical violence like we saw in Milwaukee and Minneapolis being perpetrated across the country the less Hillary Clinton will be able to get away with this. And I think it will be media outlets like Breitbart that continue to put the question to Hillary Clinton to make her disavow this. This is going to continue to push her just like Peter Schweizer did with his brilliant book Clinton Cash, to expose the absolute corruption that’s contained in the Clinton Foundation. Now we’re seeing Bill and Hillary Clinton having to come straight a little bit with the Clinton Foundation. Breitbart is going to continue to push this and bring truth to the floor. This will have a profound impact on the 2016 outcome.”

For days now, Clinton’s campaign has not responded to requests for comment on whether the former Secretary of State disavows what these protesters did to Trump and his supporters in Minneapolis.