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    Migrant TikToker teaching homeless, illegals how “invade” and squat unoccupied homes

    Migrant TikToker teaching homeless, illegals how “invade” and squat unoccupied homes across America

    03/24/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.1K Views

    Tags: absurd, big government, border security, chaos, Collapse, homeless, illegals, insanity, invasion, invasion usa, left cult, migrant, occupation, Open border, Open Borders, outrage, rule of law, Social media, squatters, squatting, TikTok, treason, X

    Many homes across the United States are unoccupied right now for various reasons, i.e., they were abandoned and left to deteriorate or are owned by investment firms like BlackRock that hold them as "stock" rather than use them as a living residence. And a migrant on TikTok is reportedly teaching illegal aliens how to "invade" and squat these properties using little-known laws on the books.In the following TikTok video, which was shared to X, the migrant claims he knows African friends who have successfully taken over seven homes so far using the squatting laws he identified.
    "I have thought about invading a house in the United States," the man yells into the camera. "I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it."

    Video Collin Rugg on X: "NEW: TikToker is going viral by telling illegal immigrants how to "invade" homes in America thanks to progressive squatting laws Remarkable. "We can invade a house in the USA, what do you think about this new law?" a video from one TikTok user read. The man said he has African…" / X (

    (Related: The anti-TikTok law known as the RESTRICT Act, a project of Republicans, is a threat to freedom of speech.)
    Landlords complaining about squatting laws

    Not just illegals but presumably anyone in need of a residence can utilize these laws to their own benefit, the migrant further explains. Some of the English verbiage auto-displayed via TikTok seem mistranslated, but what he is basically saying is that local codes in some areas allow for people to assume residence in abandoned properties.
    "As the saying goes, daddy, you have to look for the return and the return right now is to invade houses," he says. "And since we are not in a street situation, this is the only way we have to not live in the street and not be a public burden."
    "The law says that abandoned houses that are deteriorated and in bad condition, we can get, repair, and live in them, and we can sell it and even ask for credits with it, what do you say?"
    The video has gone viral on X where some, including landlords, are complaining that the squatting laws in some areas such as in New York City are allowing people to take ownership of abandoned homes to the detriment of landlords.
    "In NYC, anyone can simply claim 'squatter's rights' after 30 days of living at a home which isn't even enough time for the city to do their 'investigation, their work, and their job' according to home owner Adele Andaloro," tweeted one person on X about the matter.
    "When the 30 day mark comes, it is illegal to change the locks, remove tenants or turn off the utilities ... The bogus law means practically anyone can squat in a home and there is nothing the homeowner can do about it."
    While it is illegal aliens that are being reported as doing this, squatter's laws technically apply to anyone.
    "Can we also squat on all this commercial property that's sitting vacant in NYC and lay claim after 30 days and start a pizza joint?" one commenter asked.
    "Isn't that what U.S. taxpayers-funded Israelis have been doing to the Palestinians for 75 years?" asked another. "Karma is a biyatch."
    "This is fantastic considering the elite have so many houses they rarely stay in," said another. "So many politicians have multiple residences, maybe someone needs to provide a public directory to all those nice 'unoccupied' houses so those in need can take shelter."
    The latest news about the illegal invasion of America can be found at
    Sources for this article include:

    Migrant TikToker teaching homeless, illegals how “invade” and squat unoccupied homes across America –
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Give them the areas where all the empty ELITE vacation homes are.

    The "newcomers" can squat there in "dignity", they voted for this.


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