Million Vet March Planned for DC Memorials

Emily HulseyOn October 6, 2013

In response to being banned from the very memorials they sacrificed their lives to earn, veterans across the nation are banding together to protest it.

The Million Vet March on the Memorials is a small but rapidly growing group of veterans and their supporters. On October 13 at 9:00 AM, they will ascend upon the World War II memorial Ė as well as other memorials across the country Ė to defend the honor of our nationís many veterans.

Hereís an explanation of the groupís views and mission, courtesy of its website:

We do not care what political leanings you may be; be it liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever. The actions of the U.S. government this week with regard to barricading and shutting down the World War II Memorial to veterans, that may or may not be on their last trip to Washington DC, is a despicable act of cowardice.

Veterans this week were unwillingly pitted as pawns in this crisis. We feel that this should never be the case. This is why we will go to Congress after the budget crisis and ask for a bill to be introduced that would prevent any member of the government from closing our memorials down to any American, except for maintenance purposes. In the meantime, we will have our March in Washington DC on October 13th! Our veterans deserve that!

What a great way to pay tribute to a group who hasnít received the recognition it deserves lately.

Want to help this incredible cause?

Hereís what you can do:

1. Sign this petition to reopen the memorials.
2. Like the Facebook page and share it with your friends.
3. Join the conversation on Twitter with #1MVetMarch.
4. Attend the Million Vet March at a participating memorial on October 13.

You can also learn more about the event via its website. Letís do our part to stand by these selfless men and women and defend their right to attend THEIR memorials without punishment.