Misplaced compassion harms

By JACKIE HARRISON, Daytona Beach Shores
Posted in: Letters to the Editor
October 1, 2011 12:25 AM

I am a very compassionate person. However, I believe misplaced compassion has replaced rational thinking. Here are examples:

According to a recent article in The News-Journal, Flagler schools, like some schools in Volusia County, plan to offer breakfast to all students. The rationale is that underprivileged students should not be humiliated. The same concept is applied to food stamp recipients, who are given cards resembling credit cards to avoid public embarrassment.

The current "everyone equal" philosophy stifles motivation. Perhaps some people need to be embarrassed enough to seek the American dream of our predecessors -- self-sufficiency without handouts from anyone, including the government.

Illegal immigration is another case of misplaced compassion, when we treat illegal immigrants as citizens without subjecting them to the laws that every American citizen and legal immigrant must obey. People from all over the world clamor to become citizens of the United States. Some wait as long as 20 years to be accepted. They study our Constitution and pledge allegiance to our country. Many are as poor as the illegal immigrants we now allow to stay here.

Because of our policy to accept anchor babies as citizens, we have become a magnet for pregnant women. Once a baby is born here, the bleeding hearts do not condemn the deliberate illegality. Instead, they wish to give the anchor babies and parents benefits.

If unemployment is a problem, why are we hiring illegal immigrants to do the jobs they say Americans will not do? Why are we extending unemployment benefits to people who refuse jobs that are distasteful to them? During the Great Depression people were happy to accept any job. They had the American pride and pioneer spirit that is lacking today.

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