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    Misplaced Sympathy

    Recently the news reported that drug runner Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila's family FUSSED that it was UNFAIR for American law-enforcement to LURE him into being ARRESTED and JAILED.
    Incredibly, others JOINED in the family's protest.
    Such dismay on the part of the drug runner's family and company is UNWARRANTED. The ones REALLY worthy of compassion are UNJUSTLY imprisoned Border Patrol agents IGNACIO RAMOS and JOSE COMPEAN and THEIR FAMILIES, NOT the CRIMINAL Aldrete-Davila!

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    Everything's unfair to them if it hinders them in any way. On the other hand all's fair when they go around conning people and breaking laws! Disgusting!!

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    unfairness is always an issue to illegal lawbreakers, they wine and cry and said we where lead into it wrongfully. what a joke. illegals are always crying about something. WHANNNNNNNNN
    Proud to be an AMERICAN

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