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Thread: Missouri to deploy National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to Texas to help

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    Missouri to deploy National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to Texas to help

    Missouri to deploy National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to Texas to help secure the border

    02/27/2024 // Laura Harris // 560 Views

    Tags: addiction, badmedicine, big government, border fence, Border Patrol, border security, chaos, Collapse, Dangerous Medicine, drug cartels, drug trafficking, Fentanyl, Greg Abbott, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, insanity, invasion usa, migrants, Missouri, national security, Open Borders, Operation Lone Star, overdose, propaganda, razor wire, Texas

    Mike Parson, the Republican governor of Missouri, has announced his intention to deploy up to 200 members of the state's National Guard and 22 troopers from the State Highway Patrol to the southern border.
    Parson has also submitted a $2.3 million supplemental budget request to the state's legislature to help Texas secure the border and stop illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking.
    On a trip to the United States' southern border with Mexico earlier in February, Parson noted how he directly witnessed "the crisis at the southern border," which fuels the fentanyl crisis in Missouri.
    "Missourians are dying; families are being ripped apart; communities are being destroyed, and Missouri children are falling victim. It all stems from [President Joe Biden's] Administration’s reckless, irresponsible, and failing open-border policies. With our Southern Border wide open, every state is now a border state," he said.
    According to the report from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the fentanyl epidemic in Missouri is worsening, with a sharp rise in overdose deaths since 2016. In 2021, the state recorded 2,163 overdose deaths, a significant increase from 1,366 in 2017, with approximately 70 percent linked to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.
    “President Biden and the federal government must step up to stop illegal entry into our nation, to stop the free flow of fentanyl into our communities and [to] combat the rise of human trafficking, but we’ve waited long enough. Missouri will act by deploying our own resources to secure our nation’s border,” Parson said.
    In response, Parson has directed resources toward the U.S.-Mexico border to support Texas in its state-level initiatives to protect the southern border.
    The 22 Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers, all of whom volunteered for the assignment, will undertake various tasks, including traffic enforcement, crime prevention and criminal interdiction, starting March 1. Meanwhile, the 200 National Guard soldiers, set to commence duties on March 10, will aid in constructing physical barriers and conducting security patrols along the border.
    Red states are supporting Texas in securing the southern border

    Aside from Parson, several Republican governors have also announced their plans to deploy additional National Guard troops to support Texas.
    The mission, known as Operation Lone Star, was launched in March 2021 in response to the alarming increase in illegal border crossings and smuggling activities. The operation includes measures such as busing migrants to Democratic-led cities and arresting them on trespassing charges.
    Additionally, Texas has implemented various tactics, including placing buoys in the Rio Grande, razor wire and marine barriers, to stop immigrants and cartels from crossing the border.
    But because of the ongoing legal dispute between the Biden administration and the Texan government, the latter needs more support from other Republican states. (Related: TREASON: Biden’s Border Patrol CUTS WIRE installed by Texas government, “opening America’s arms” to illegal immigrants.)
    In line with this, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis immediately responded to Abbott by pledging to deploy National Guard troops, State Guard and Highway Patrol officers.
    Noem is set to deploy 60 National Guard troops from South Dakota later this spring on a rolling basis over three months, while Holcomb will deploy another 50 from Indiana in mid-March.
    Head over to for more stories about Texas' efforts to maintain border security.
    Watch this video of treacherous U.S. Border Patrol agents destroying a wire fence in Texas to allow illegal aliens through.

    This video is from the HALOROCK channel on
    More related stories:

    Supreme Court says federal government can REMOVE RAZOR WIRE Texas installed along the border… but Gov. Abbott DEFIES the order.
    Texas installs RAZOR WIRE along New Mexico border to block ILLEGAL ALIENS from crossing.
    BORDER DEFENSE: America protects US-Mexico border with barbed wire and verbal warnings.
    Texas AG Paxton SUES Biden’s DHS for cutting razor wire barriers that block ILLEGALS from entering the U.S.
    Abbott’s DEFIANCE paying off: Border Patrol data reveals 60% of illegal crossings along southern border are now taking place in California and Arizona.
    Sources include:

    NYC Mayor Adams is giving huge payouts to illegal aliens – $10,000 cash payments to EACH migrant –
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Put them to work building a 20' concrete sea wall, with a curve on top facing Mexico, on the banks of the Rio Grande and keep them OFF our shores! Call Mexico to send their boats to fish them out.



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