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Thread: Mom Whose Letter Trump Read During Speech: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign ‘Spews Hate’

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    Mom Whose Letter Trump Read During Speech: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign ‘Spews Hate’

    22 Jun 2016
    Washington D.C.

    In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Mary Ann Mendoza described her reaction to hearing the presumptive Republican nominee read her letter aloud to a national audience.

    During his Wednesday address, Donald Trump read from a personal letter he had received from Mendoza, who lost her son to open borders immigration policies.

    Mendoza said that Trump’s speech delineated a clear contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton. Mendoza said that while Trump “truly cares” about Americans, Hillary Clinton “has no regard for American lives.” Mendoza criticized Clinton’s campaign message for “spewing hate” and contrasted this with Trump’s inclusive and hopeful message about protecting and defending the interests of all Americans.

    “Our children’s lives don’t matter to her,” Mendoza said. “She’s really just after getting herself the title of President… It’s sickening.”

    In her letter, Mendoza described how Clinton’s “open door” immigration policy would put countless Americans in harm’s way. Clinton, “who already has the blood of so many on her hands… needs to go to prison to pay for the crimes she has already committed against this country,” Mendoza wrote.

    Mendoza’s son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was murdered by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down an Arizona freeway. Her son’s murderer had a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit.

    “It was so special that Mr. Trump mentioned my son in his speech,” Mendoza said.

    Mendoza explained that, prior to Trump’s entrance onto the national political stage, she and the other “angel moms and dads” had “never been made to feel heard like this.”

    “This is why so many of us who have been affected by open borders have stood by Mr. Trump,” Mendoza explained. “He hears us, he understands us, and he stands with us… and he’s going to stand with us through it all.”

    Earlier this month, a baseball field was dedicated to the memory of Officer Mendoza in honor of all the work he had done for his community. Sgt. Mendoza had played a large role in cleaning up the community park and making it a safe place for children to play. To commemorate the event, Mr. Trump sent Mendoza a personal letter, and a Trump campaign member read the letter aloud at the ceremony. Mendoza said she was touched and surprised by the “gesture from a Presidential candidate who truly cares about Americans. No other candidate has taken the time to do something so personal.”

    Sabine Durden—whose 30-year-old son Dominic was murdered by an illegal alien who was driving without a license and who had two prior DUI charges– said that Trump’s “incredible and powerful speech today reassured ALL Americans that we will be able to prosper and feel safe again under his presidency.”

    We, as Americans can’t afford to let Hillary Clinton become president and destroy the America we know. My friend and fellow angel mom, Mary Ann Mendoza, and I have been fighting side by side in our states of Arizona and California and together in Washington, D.C. We have been fighting so hard to get heard, to share our sons tragic and avoidable deaths. The only one that gave our late sons Brandon and Dominic a voice, has been Mr.Trump. When I heard Donald Trump’s amazing speech this morning and he mentioned my friend and her late son, I screamed, cheered and cried happy tears. He is THE ONLY ONE that gives victims of illegal alien crime a voice and platform.

    Mendoza said that, unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump cares about protecting American lives. “It’s so disheartening when so many of these stories are out there, but politicians like Hillary Clinton don’t even care. Our children’s lives don’t matter to her,” Mendoza said.

    Mendoza rejected the idea that Clinton is a friend to working mothers. She said that Clinton has no regard for American lives, and cares only about winning votes and becoming President: “Whether you’re a working mother or a working father, we don’t matter at all to her. She’s really just after getting herself the title of President. She disregards American lives– she has no regard for American lives. But she constantly emphasizes her support for non-citizens. It’s sickening. This should bother every American. It’s mind-boggling how anybody—especially someone running for the President of the United States—can make statements in favor of open borders.”

    Mendoza also responded to Clinton’s Tuesday economic address, during which Clinton suggested that enforcing U.S. immigration law is “wrongheaded,” “unachievable” and “is bad economics.”

    Mendoza accused Clinton of “spewing hate” and said that Clinton has demonstrated a profound ignorance about some of the biggest problems facing the American people—such as Clinton’s failure to acknowledge the need for a lawful immigration system that benefits Americans.

    “Politicians need to start listening to the American people,” Mendoza said. “We do not want illegal criminals to be shown leniency, we do not want them released on our streets. We want them sent back to their countries. We do not want hundreds of thousands of unvetted Middle Eastern military aged men allowed to stroll in our country.”

    “I’m sick of Hillary just spewing hate about Mr. Trump,” Mendoza added. “[She shouldn’t] act stupid and pretend like these problems don’t exist… If votes mean more to her than your and my safety as American citizens, then she will never have my vote. I stand with Mr. Trump who at least cares what happens to Americans and is addressing the problem with his eyes and ears wide open.”
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    Thank you Mary Ann Mendoza! Thank you very very much. I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful son and his homicide by a drunk illegal alien who shouldn't have even been in our country, let alone driving on our highways.
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