More Millennial Showing Anti-Obama-ism on the Street Progressives losing support among young women

Posted by Lance Thate on February 4, 2014 at 12:42pm in General, Town Hall
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More Millennial Showing Anti-Obama-ism on the Street

Progressives losing support among young women
5000 + See the Town Criers

The Town Criers began February with their 113th trip down St. George Street to a mix crowd. The Town Criers are a Committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at]
“There must have a full moon because a few hecklers got a tad out of control. They simply didn’t like seeing "Obama is a Communist" displayed as the most popular and photographed sign in the collection,* said one of the Criers. Another sign stated "Obama Care is a Communist Plot". The fellow with the scruffy beard, pictured on below bottom picture , began screaming, “Treason, treason! This is treason. How dare you insult my President.” He ranted and raved like a mad man as Dave Heimbold, holding a sign that declared "America or Obama-ism, It’s Up to You!", got the full fury of his rant inches from his face. But Heimbold didn’t back down. Instead, he calmly encouraged the man with a forceful voice, “Louder, I can’t hear you!” to draw the attention of the public enjoying the activities of the Criers. The loud mouth heckler withdrew when he saw that he got no sympathy from the crowd. The Town Criers reported that this kind of behavior has occurred three times over the last two years. The first time was a man believed to be a member of the IWW. [Industrial Workers of the World, a union with 100 year history of Communist association] That altercation took place on January 28, 2012. The unknown man, pictured below upper photo screamed at one of our volunteers on August 24, 2013. It was reported that these left-wing agitators, in all cases, brought support to the Tea Party from people who witnessed the events and rejection to themselves. In this instance the public applauded shook hands and gave encouragement to the Town Criers.
One such case was a fellow in the crowd, who identified himself as a Health Care expert, seemed to be ready to defend the Heimbold, from this leftist assault. “Yes, I am up on the Obama Care and I know that Florida Blue is pushing it”. He was referring to the signage that read, "Obamacare is a Communist Plot". He then went on to add that Florida Blue is a giant conglomerate, owning other Blues in four other States. He was aware that Florida Governor Scott’s Administration knows and approves of the implementation of the hated Obama Care scheme here in the State of Florida by Florida Blue. He was also aware that Attorney General Pam Bondi has flipped and has not joined the eleven State Attorney Generals who are pushing back against Obama’s selective adjustments of the . “Obama is using unconstitutional dictatorial executive orders by-passing the Congress. Attorney General Bondi is no better than Eric Holder, Obama’ AG. Scott and Bondi must be kidding themselves if they think they are going to get re-elected here in Florida” Heimbold said, adding, “We are not blind to their dirty deeds.”
According to the Town Criers this is what they have learned from the young in the streets. Before the implementing of Obamacare, the Millennial Generation had little interest in or knowledge of the functions of Big Brother as imposed by the Federal Government. If they still lived at home, they popped the frig door and helped themselves to food and beverage supplied by their parents. They got enormous college will no immediate payment schedule., It was a free ride with little responsibility. Their Messiah, Obama, showed up with more promises of a free-ride. They could be just like him. Obama climbed to the ‘top’ on and foundation hand-outs. He didn’t, and doesn’t know how the economy works. The Marxism he is implementing comes from the Harvard facility room and his activities as a Community organizer. Obama’s economy is destroying the future of the young and they are beginning to realize it.
"Now, the chickens are coming home to roost. The Messiah has faltered. They have enough computer smarts to realize that it doesn’t take hundreds of millions of dollars to get a web page up and running. Reality has hit home and they are fleeing Obama’s Titanic. They are being educated on the street and that’s where the Town Criers meet them. Welcome Back to Reality may be the next sign to greet them," the Criers reported. It should be noted from the sample pictures above the majority of the young picture people pictured above are young ladies.


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