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    More Traitors

    CA Alert! Feinstein proposes massive increase in amnesty provisions!

    Senator Feinstein offered an amendment to greatly expand the amnesty portion of the current Senate immigration bill. Her proposal would give a new orange card to any illegal alien who was in the United States by January 1, 2006. The card would entitle the holder to remain and work in the United States.

    The amendment to the immigration bill failed on a 61-37 vote, but it's still important that Feinstein hears from you. There will be further votes on this bill and other immigration bills. It is possible that no bill will pass this year and the debate will continue after the Congressional elections. We must hammer many nails into the coffin of this proposal.


    Under the current Senate amnesty proposal, illegal immigrants would be divided into three groups according to how long they have been in the country. Feinstein is correct that the current proposal is unworkable; it will lead to massive document fraud.

    But a tremendous expansion of amnesty is not the answer. For reasons that you well understand, amnesty is not the solution to our illegal immigration crisis. It will just lead to more illegal immigration.

    Even if some type of amnesty made sense, and even if one wanted to simplify the amnesty proposal, one could use a cut-off date of some years ago rather than offer amnesty to everyone who arrived yesterday.


    Tell Senator Feinstein that you are outraged that she proposed a massive amnesty expansion. It won't work and it sends the wrong message. You can send a fax or e-mail by entering your ZIP Code in the "Go" box below. If you wish to call her office, you can reach it through the Capitol operator at 202-224-3121

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    This was posted the day it was proposed. But thanks for bringing it back for review for those who may have missed it.

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    How is she even still in office - Feinstein should have been voted out years ago!!!!

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