Move Over Jimmy – Barack Hussein Obama Now “Worst Foreign Policy President Ever”

by Ulsterman on August 31, 2013 with 16 Comments in News

Another poll that the Mainstream Media will attempt to quickly bury with distraction shows that despite his oft repeated promises to make the world love America again, the foreign policy disaster that has been the hallmark of the Obama presidency has worsened how the Middle East views the United States – lower even than at the end of the GW Bush presidency in 2008. Could it be that the Egyptians, Jordan, and Pakistan, having been directly and terribly impacted by the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored regime changes throughout the region, know well what America’s media refuses to report? That Barack Obama has now surpassed Jimmy Carter as the most disastrous U.S. president of the modern era.

( Barack Obama is hated by those who have seen the United States help to tear apart their own nations in favor of radical Islamic regimes)


(via The Washington Times)

Obama on Syria: The worst foreign policy president – ever

Through one bungle after another, the Obama Administration has maneuvered itself into a box. If Obama launches an attack on Syria, he will bring America under widespread condemnation and risk a broader war. If he launches the limited cruise missile attack that he has suggested, he will look impotent at the same time he risks war. And if he does nothing at all, he will look impotent for backing down on his threat over “red line” of chemical weapon use and trash what little credibility he has left in the Middle East.

Obama has managed a feat in the Middle east that was all but unimaginable five years ago: He’s even less popular in the region than President George W. Bush was at the end of his presidency.

The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project finds that support for the United States is lower now in Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan than it was in 2008. Approval for Obama’s policies was only 15 percent in Muslim countries last spring; what that rate would be now in Egypt and Syria is anyone’s guess, but a safe guess would be “lower.”

…Our foreign policy in the Middle East is incoherent. There is no strategic vision on display, only one ad hoc reaction after another. Secretary of State John Kerry wanders aimlessly through it all like a patrician Forrest Gump.

Five years ago the Norwegian parliament awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in the hope that the change he represented would bring peace. It never occurred to them that change could be for the worse. Rarely has peace seemed so unattainable in the Middle East, nor the web of alliances and hatreds so tangled. It takes a special kind of genius to make so many wrong steps to make an impossibly bad situation even worse.

President Obama is a very special kind of genius. LINK