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    MS-13 gang member yelled the beast has eaten! after murder

    MS-13 gang member yelled 'the beast has eaten!' after murder of man he mistook for a Blood: witness

    BY John Marzulli
    Originally Published:Friday, March 4th 2011, 4:00 AM
    Updated: Friday, March 4th 2011, 10:41 AM

    MS-13 gang member Julio Chavez (above and below) is charged with emptying his revolver into Maurice Parker on May 18, 2007, in Flushing.

    An MS-13 gang member whooped it up, shouting "The beast has eaten!" after murdering a Queens man he mistook for a rival Blood, a government witness testified Thursday.

    Julio Chavez is charged with emptying his revolver into Maurice Parker on May 18, 2007, in Flushing.

    Chavez then hopped into a SUV, flashed gang signs and yelled in Spanish, former MS-13 gang member Jose Molina said in Brooklyn Federal Court.

    " 'Yeah, homie, that's how you're supposed to do it,'" Chavez said, according to Molina. "'You see the blood coming out of his head?'"

    Molina said Chavez then uttered, "The beast has eaten!"

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Ali Kazemi asked the witness to translate the meaning of Chavez's rant.

    "That he had just given a soul to the devil," Molina said.

    Parker, 21, was not a Blood and was mistakenly targeted because he had on red sweatshirt.

    Chavez and other members of a Long Island-based MS-13 crew allegedly went hunting for a Blood to retaliate for an earlier stabbing.

    Defense lawyer Sam Schmidt ridiculed the rant attributed to Chavez, arguing that the witness had never mentioned it before in debriefings with agents.

    Meanwhile, federal prosecutors announced Thursday they will seek the death penalty against MS-13 gang member Rene Mejia, who allegedly helped execute a Long Island mother and her 2-year-old son last year. ... _rant.html

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    I know a few people I would like to send this article to. They are all smitten with the broken "sciences" of psychology and sociology and believe that all religion is primitive, pathetic, pathological and irrelevant. Spiritual warfare is around us all the time but rarely makes it to the media. Primitive? Perhaps. But then we still give birth with our bodies after having a "primitive" sexual encounter too. Even serious non-believers have been heard to utter "OMG!" at the specific moment. And until those self same unbelievers are personally capable of exercising such self-control that they can stop their own heart with their refined spiritual practices they would do us all a good turn if they would wake up to the fact that their take on reality is perhaps the least commonly held truth of all. Perhaps it is they, who are irrelevant.
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