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Thread: MSNBC Anchor Attacks Guest’s Kids For Being White: “They Have Hit The American Trifec

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    MSNBC Anchor Attacks Guest’s Kids For Being White: “They Have Hit The American Trifec

    MSNBC Anchor Attacks Guest’s Kids For Being White: “They Have Hit The American Trifecta Of Privilege… White, Straight And Male”…

    Apparently today is “bash whitey day.”

    Via NRO:

    . . . “With all due respect, your three boys have hit the American trifecta of privilege,” Roberts told Barnicle on Morning Joe. “They are white, straight males, presumably.”

    “If you are an ‘other’ in this country,” Roberts said, ”and that means if you are an LGBT, if you are hispanic, if you are black, if you are a woman, right now, we are fighting to prove why ‘other’ is not bad, and why we are due the value of American rights.”

    ZIP | July 15, 2013 3:20 pm

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    As this video points out so clearly, there is a liberal war on white males. It has been going on for the past four and a half years. But, the liberals are all on board to send white males to Afghanistan to be blown up, hurt and diabled.. JMO

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    It's the Defacto Agenda of the left, "divide and conquer" justifying Poverty Pimps, Race Baiters, Victimologist rakeing in Tens of millions in Taxpayer funding. It's all about the Benjamin's, ya'll being played Yo.......
    “In questions of power…let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

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    I was once naïve and believed conservatives could work with liberals but the libs have moved so far left I no longer believe it's possible.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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