Murrieta Residents Call Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson A Liar

Residents of Cali. city that turned back buses carrying illegals call Johnson out on his propaganda

by Kit Daniels | | July 9, 2014

Residents of Murrieta, California, strongly rejected Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s characterizations of the city’s protestors who turned back buses carrying illegal aliens as a hostile “band of individuals” and Murrieta as supportive of illegal immigration.

Johnson told NBC recently that the protestors, who stopped multiple buses from entering Murrieta’s Border Patrol station, showed unwarranted “hostility” towards the illegals being transferred from overcrowded shelters in Texas.
“I do not believe that band of individuals that you showed in your lead-in [footage] reflects Murrieta, California, and it certainly does not reflect the response we’ve seen across the southwest,” he said.
Johnson’s comments brought scathing criticism yesterday from a wide variety of Americans in both Murrieta and the surrounding cities.
“This area is really conservative and we don’t support big government or any of that,” resident Robert Garza said. “Johnson was very much a liar.”
Kurt of Lake Elsinore, Cali. also shared a similar view.
“That interview disgusted me,” he said, who also felt that Johnson was a straight-up liar. “He didn’t answer anything.”
Will Hanley, who was visiting Murrieta from nearby Orange County, likewise disagreed with Johnson’s characterizations.
“Everyone that I have encountered so far, and in fact I’m the only one that’s from outside the area, but everyone out here are local people living in Temecula or Murrieta and pretty much seems to be on board for the same thing,” he stated. “Nobody has a problem with legal immigration but it seems to be the concern that some people from Central America are getting dumped here with no support for themselves or for the community as well.”
And a lot of Murrieta’s residents do in fact have that view, according to Vanessa Mendoza, who has lived in and near Murrieta for the past decade.
“Even with my background and nationality, I still think that people on my side would agree,” she said. “I don’t think this is a form of discrimination at all as far as race or picking anything that way, I just think that it’s more of a concern of us as people, how are we to live now with you [illegal immigrants] coming here?”
“That’s all that really is, but that’s major stress on the town.”
“I do think that it [illegal immigration] is going to overflow the town,” she added. “We’ve had the meetings and the toe stepping – I think the more we do it, the more people are united as the city itself comes together under the view that it’s not fair to simply drop [illegal immigrants] off.”
It’s not a coincidence that cities like Murrieta are suddenly suffering from an explosive influx of illegal aliens.
“A lot of what we’re hearing in the media and a lot of other places is that the conditions in Central America, such as the economic, are horrible conditions and there’s violence, gang violence, and that’s true,” Stu Harris of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1929 told Infowars. “That’s a terrible way to have to live, but that’s been going on for more than 10 years.”
“So for this invasion to start suddenly happening, something else had to change, and what changed is the fact that we were engaging in this ‘catch & release’ program and word spreads fast.”
And Obama’s “catch & release” immigration enforcement has encouraged hundreds of thousands of immigrants to illegally cross America’s border, exhausting the financial resources of both cities and states dealing with this invasion.
Texas, for example, is spending $1.3 million a week to fund state troopers and Texas Rangers who are combating the crime spilling across the Mexican border, but this is forcing the state to reduce law enforcement presence in other regions of Texas.
“There is no question we are doing less in other areas of the state because of it; No question,” said DPS Director Steve McCraw to the Texas House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee.
Likewise, the swarm of illegal aliens entering the state is beginning to bankrupt Brooks County, Texas, which is spending taxpayer money on expensive medical care for illegals crossing through the South Texas county.
“All [the costs] occurs on the county,” Brooks Co. judge Raul M. Ramirez told Infowars, adding that his county has received no financial assistance from the federal government. “All these expenses we don’t budget for and the losses we have to pay for.” The Obama administration is likely pursuing a Cloward and Piven style strategy of intentionally collapsing the border to overwhelm the United States as part of a long-term agenda to both grant amnesty for illegals who will serve as a big government voting block and to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico as part of an integrated North American Union.