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    Muslim Leaders in Iran Demand Justice for Trayvon

    Muslim Leaders in Iran Demand Justice for Trayvon

    Posted by Dave Jolly

    Millions of liberals in America are turning into lynch mobs, demanding their justice be justice instead of accepting the legal verdict from a jury and court. They are so sure that George Zimmerman was guilty of murder that you would think that every one of them were in that courtroom and heard every word of testimony and examined every piece of evidence. They must have listened to the arguments.
    Given the chance, there are many of them that would seek out the location of George Zimmerman and take him out and hang him like they used to do over a century ago.
    Gangs of blacks have been attacking whites and Hispanics in cities all over America. While we haven’t seen the severe riots like we did with Rodney King, the number of violent incidents across the nation have been greater after the Zimmerman trial than the King trial.
    Even though Zimmerman was legally acquitted, US Attorney General Eric Holder is launching his own investigation. President Barack Hussein Obama is saying that Trayvon could have been him years ago. I agree, it could have, because he was a dope smoking Marxist who was already plotting the socialist takeover of America.
    Now, Muslim leaders or mullahs, from Iran are calling for justice for Trayvon Martin. Like all of the others, they were not in the courtroom, but evidently that doesn’t matter anymore. Seyed Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s Foreign Minister told the press:
    “The acquittal of the murderer of the teenage African American once again clearly demonstrated the unwritten, but systematic racial discrimination against racial, religious, and ethnic minorities in the U.S. society.”
    “The court ruling has also seriously put under question the fairness of the judicial process in the United States.”
    “Several months on since a probe was launched [into the murder], the public opinion in the U.S. and across the world expect transparency, an accurate and fair judicial investigation into the case, with due regard to human rights principles for American citizens and a ban on discrimination against minorities in the country.”
    Now this is coming from a country run by sharia law. They imprison and torture Christians. If a Muslim in Iran converts to Christianity, it is tantamount to a death sentence. Muslim women are beaten and even killed on suspicion of an indiscretion made by a male relative. There doesn’t need to be any proof or trial. Suspicion alone is enough to defame the family honor and bring on an honor killing. Under Iran’s sharia law, women don’t have many of the same rights or freedoms that men do. They are often treated like chattel, just another possession that can be easily disposed of if the owner so desires.
    Iran’s sharia judicial system is far from being fair or just and they have the gall to condemn America’s judicial system, all because Zimmerman was tried and convicted in the press before he ever entered a courtroom. Ironically, I haven’t heard a word from Iran’s mullahs, President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder or any of the millions of liberals, condemning the rising tide of black on white violence that is being committed in the name of Trayvon Martin. These crimes are obviously hate crimes, but no one, including Iran, cares. All they care about is convicting and penalizing George Zimmerman who was legally acquitted of the crime.
    Iran needs to keep their noses out of our business and clean up their own judicial system that is rife with human rights violations. Then we need to remove the black racists in the White House and the Justice Department and replace them with men or women who will honor America’s justice system and not allow their personal hatreds to cloud their judgment and duties!

    Now really this is a good one!!!!!

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    what a co~ink~i~dink ... The Muslim Leaders in this country is also screaming the same thingy
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