The Hidden NAFTA Deal

Why do we have between 500 thousand and 1 million people walking across the U.S. boarder from Latin America with impunity per year? NAFTA aka North American Free Trade Agreement has been the main reason that American manufacturing jobs have been shipped into Latin America and illegal aliens have polluted the U.S. and the U.S. Labor market.

Under NAFTA, which was signed by Bush Sr. and went into law Jan. 1st 1994, under Bill Clinton, there were stipulations that gave corporations from Canada, the U.S. and Europe the right to illegally seize land in exchange for the U.S. allowing illegal aliens to flood into American Society.
In Latin America, there is a silent majority, which are mostly banned from television, due to numerous propped up pro-corporate and pro-illegal alien migration politicians, which America (both Dem and Repub) has propped up in Latin American Countries, that are never heard or seen.

When NAFTA Treaties were signed in the early 90’s the only country that didn’t have people dying in the streets to protest was indeed the United States, which explains why Canada doesn’t allow any illegal aliens into their country but America has 20 million and counting!

Hundreds of thousands of Latinos protested and were jailed or killed, while Canadians were brutally beat by a massive security presence outside the NAFTA meeting in Quebec! NAFTA went below the radar of Americans and both Democrats and Republicans would rather have the amnesty debate instead of the root cause of illegal aliens into the U.S., which is this silly NAFTA treaty between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

In Mexico, Ecuador into Argentina, the bulk of all people are fighting just as hard to send corporations back to Canada and the United States, in order to maintain their populations and communities but it is the pro-amnesty and NAFTA pushing Canada, Token Mexican Government and United States, which are seen as the corporate terrorist and reason that so many people are being bused to the U.S./Mexican Boarder and made into migrants.

The illegal aliens, which we do get into the U.S. are considered the dumb latinos, by most in Latin America. They are considered pawns of corporate Canada and Corporate America & tokens for the corrupt Government of Mexico.

Just as hard as Americans are fighting back against illegal aliens, the people in Latin America are also fighting against being forced into the U.S. by the W.T.O., U.S. Government, CIA and Corporate America. In fact, this is called Neo-Liberalism by Latinos in Latin America. Neo-Liberals are the pro-displacement, pro-global corporate and for-profit-terror party in Latin America but in the U.S. this gets reversed. In America, the Liberals wrap themselves up in the humanitarian and anti-racism banner when in reality, according to Latinos in Latin America, it is the liberals that are the corporate racist for having a pro-corporate global agenda and policies that rob Latin America, of what is considered “surplus workers