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    You thought Chuck and Nancy were going to sit back and sigh "so sad, buh bye, kids" and pass budgets and good immigration bills to Make America Great Again? They know we can't pass a budget without their votes, they know we can't do squat outside of reconciliation without Democrat votes. A lot of people didn't understand that, they thought because we had the majority in both House and Senate, we could do everything we wanted, but we can't. We can't do squat because we don't have enough votes in the Senate to pass anything outside of budget reconciliation, we can't even pass a damn budget without them.

    And this year, we have 1 less vote in the Senate, than we had last year because of the loss in Alabama.

    So, the only good option at this point is do nothing, walk away. Trump tried, they rebuked his "deal". Time to shut down the government and deal with the consequences. The whole DACA matter is in the courts, let the courts decide it.
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