Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where CAIR meets MEChA [Victor Davis Hanson]

Re: the nature of the illegal aliens charged in the Fort Dix arrests:

Supporters of de facto open borders keep harping on the fact that of the some 12 million plus illegal aliens from south of the border, there are as yet no terrorists—and apparently no jihadists who have piggy-backed in under the guise of being a Mexican border-crosser.

But apologists miss the point entirely, which is existential in nature. Once the United States accepts as a permanent condition the notion that several million illegal aliens can reside in perpetuity and under immunity from the law, then a sort of insidious message is established:
We in America will ask nothing of our immigrants-not legality, not English, not rudimentary knowledge of our history and values, and not real efforts at assimilation and Americanization.

So, the wannabe jihadist, here illegally, whether as in the Fort Dix case or as was true of a few of the 9/11 murderers—gets two messages: one, they won't dare come for me, since they'd have to come for 12 million others. And, second, this is a pretty easy country where rules don't count and one can operate well enough in a nether world in which it is more likely to be considered criminal, or at least unspeakable, to arrest or report an illegal alien than to be one.

Activists keep caricaturing this argument as if we have "constructed" the illegal alien into bin Laden's "Doppelganger." But again, the point is not so much the illegal alien per se (from Mexico and Latin America), but the corrupt system that let them in, and establishes the precedent that the United States has no immigration laws, and no sense of pride in citizenship—but instead an entire industry of victimization to draw upon: exactly the kind of water the jihadist fish swims to.

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