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    NC:Ask Your Rep to Sign Discharge Petition for Jobs Bill

    Glen Bradley is a personal friend of mine and I am APPALLED that another legislator would lay his hands on him. Being the statesman that he is, Glen is not filing charges. All Glen is trying to do is keep a promise made to his constituents. What a concept! If you live in NC, would you consider calling your House rep and asking them to sign the discharge petition? Must have 61 signers by tonight, not yesterday as the article states!

    Action Item: Have Your Legislators Sign Discharge Petition for Jobs Bill

    June 7, 2011 | Written by Christian Hine

    The following letter was sent to House Speaker Thom Tillis by Representative Glen Bradley, whose NC Jobs Bill (HB 587) has been all but ignored by Commerce and Job Development Subcommittee on Business and Labor Chairman Darrell McCormick.

    McCormick, in fact, is even accused of becoming physically confrontational with Bradley over Bradley’s attempts to simply have a vote on his bill.

    “When for the hundredth time I asked Chairman Darrell McCormick for a voted hearing on HB 587 NC Job Growth Through Regulatory Reform, now having the support for passage in the committee guaranteed, the man put his hands on me and shoved, called me childish, and then said the bill would not be heard in his committee. I am announcing a discharge petition on the floor tonight
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