Nearly a fifth of all suspected rapists and murderers arrested last year were immigrants

  • Last year 91 were accused of murder while 406 were charged with rape in England and Wales
  • 174 out of 547 suspected rapists in London in 2011 were foreign as were 40 out of 197 murder suspects
  • UK Border Agency tells MailOnline they are deporting foreign criminals 'as soon as possible'


PUBLISHED: 05:53 EST, 19 July 2012 | UPDATED: 05:59 EST, 19 July 2012
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Almost a fifth of all people charged with rape or murder last year were immigrants and some were deported only to return and commit more crime, it was revealed today.

Critics say new figures show the Government has an ‘open door policy’ that allows violent criminals from across the world to enter the UK.

Freedom of Information data from English and Welsh police forces show last year 91 immigrants were accused of murder while 406 were charged with rape - around one in five of all cases.

Fears: Almost one in five rape and murder suspects last year were immigrants and critics say it shows UK border controls are not tough enough

In London 174 out of 547 people accused of rape were from abroad, with the highest numbers from Jamaica, Nigeria, Poland and Australia.

While 40 out of 197 charged with murder in the capital last year were not British.

One infamous case from 2011 involved illegal immigrant Younas Beraki who was jailed for life after he murdered his ex-lover by pushing her 30ft from a bridge despite being deported from Britain three times.

He shoved mother-of-one Genet Kidane on to a busy dual carriageway because he could not accept that she had ended their relationship.

Only weeks earlier, the failed asylum seeker from Eritrea in North-East Africa had been deported from the UK for a third time – but he smuggled himself straight back into the country in a lorry.

UKIP MEP and the party’s spokesman on home affairs, Gerard Batten, told The Sun: ‘It bears out the public perception that our open door immigration policy doesn’t just attract decent migrants but serious and dangerous criminals.’

Murderer: Younas Beraki, left, sneaked back into Britain in a lorry to kill Genete Kidane, right, despite being deported three times

The official figures also give a regional picture of crimes by immigrants.

Kent had the highest amount of non-British murder suspects - 53%, followed by Surrey on 50% and Gwent on 40%.

London had a non-uk rape suspect rate of 32% last year, followed by Wiltshire with 30% and Hertfordshire on 27%.

These figures, showing up to half of suspects in some areas are from abroad, has raised questions about the monitoring and deportation of people entering Britain.

But the Home Office, which runs the UK Border Agency, maintains they have a tight grip on the issue.

‘Those who come to the UK must abide by our laws. We will always seek to deport any foreign criminals as quickly as possible and in 2011 we removed over 4,500 foreign national offenders,’ a spokesman told MailOnline.

‘This included more than 50 individuals convicted of murder, causing a death or attempted murder and approximately 300 sex offenders.’

In April the Mail revealed barely 40 per cent of the foreign criminals released from prison in a border scandal six years ago had been deported.

In 2006, the Labour government was rocked by revelations that more than 1,000 foreign nationals had been let out without being considered for deportation.

By November last year, fewer than 400 had been removed from the country or deported, and more than 50 have still not been found. Hundreds more remain here despite their cases.

A fifth of all suspected rapists and murderers in Britain are immigrants | Mail Online