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    Need ammo for your arguments????

    Lots of good info here, whether thou art verbally debating or writing to inform, rebut, annoy or inform or whatever:

    The Adverse Impacts of Immigration on Minorities

    Testimony to House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Immigration

    Norman Matloff University of California at Davis 1
    April 5, 1995 (updated February 10, 1999)

    Not the latest data but still very helpful and...... if only the uneducated who come here and spew their knee-jerk rhetoric that is not based on either research or real-world experience would take the time to read it I would be groaning in disgust so much less!!!!! ... eport.html

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    It's very sad...I've been hearing black activists (specifically) talk about how their way of life has gone downhill and how difficult it is for them to get a job in South Central L.A. of all places...I just heard on the radio how they were sending a good work force (70) of black men to...gosh, where was of the states that was hit by Katrina and when they got there they were fired after a couple of weeks because the illegal immigrant work force showed up and took their jobs...very very sad....they lost their homes and now they can't get work....

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    that was alabama. here is a news report along those lines: ... -1297r.htm

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