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Thread: New ‘We are Trayvon’ mural should go far in pouring fuel on fire of unrest

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    New ‘We are Trayvon’ mural should go far in pouring fuel on fire of unrest

    I guess the attention factor was slowing down. what a disgusting and inaccurate depiction.
    New ‘We are Trayvon’ mural should go far in pouring fuel on fire of unrest


    Howard Portnoy
    Policy & Issues Examiner

    August 11, 2013

    There seems to have been some miscommunication about the dimensions of the mural titled ‘We Are All Trayvon Martin’ unveiled at the Florida Statehouse last Friday. The press release sent out by “multi-racial civil rights organization” Advancement Project indicated that the work was to be 50 feet long. A commentary at Click Orlando doubles the length to 100 feet, which is interesting since an accompanying photograph shows that the canvas is conspicuously smaller than that.

    But size, as the wise man noted, hardly matters. And this painting proves that maxim in spades. It could be as small as a postage stamp and still have the capacity to further inflame the passions of anyone who views it.

    The artist, Huong, outdid herself in adding to the already voluminous revisionist history of the events in Sanford, Florida in 2012 that resulted in the death of since-beatified black teen Trayvon Martin. Her work, which the press release promised would depict “stirring imagery of Martin’s shooting” shows a shooting all right. A bald, bearded man meant to be George Zimmerman fires a pistol shot at a faceless figure cloaked in a hoodie (Martin).

    The juxtaposition of the figures is priceless. Zimmerman stands several feet away from Martin and fires at the back of his head!

    For some reason, a larger-than-life bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., is also included, though he appears disengaged from the shooting, which is curious when you consider that the report occasioned by muzzle flash of the size shown would be deafening.

    Click Orlando notes that a mirror has been inserted into the mural where Martin's face would be. This is not intended to give the work a funhouse appeal but to permit visitors to see themselves as the victim. I'll wager a guess that most would anyway.

    Dream Defenders, a group that held a sit-in outside Florida Gov. Rick Scott's office for the past four weeks plans on taking the mural on tour.

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    Was this "commissioned" by Eric Holder? Biggest race card i ever seen. Certainly can't fit that in your pocket!
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