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Thread: New Illegal Immigration Executive Orders for 2017

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    New Illegal Immigration Executive Orders for 2017

    President Obama has demonstrated that presidential executive orders can have a strong influence on illegal immigration policy. Rather than waiting for Congress to produce positive legislation, it might be wiser to spend some time thinking about what positive executive orders the next pro-enforcement president can enact. Of course, any suggestions offered needs to be within the legal constitutional authority of the executive branch.

    ALIPAC can create a list of executive orders that are well within the president's authority to enact and offer the package to sympathetic future presidents. It could be called, "The ALIPAC Executive Orders." It would be useful if every executive order included the attended goals and proof that the orders are within the president's authority.

    Below are executive orders that I believe are within the legal limits for presidents to enact.

    ========[ EXECUTIVE ORDERS ]=========

    * The federal government through the presidential office will give authority to any state or local government that wants to help enforce immigration law. The states and local governments will act as "agents" of the federal government. No complicated 287g program will be needed. States will assist the federal government just like they do with murder, drugs, and theft. The state, county, and local governments will be allowed to ENFORCE immigration law along with the federal government, but they would be required to use the United States Congress’ standards for citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants. The enforcement can be handled like any other unlawful trespassing law within their borders. They can decide to give jail time, fines, and even deport anyone trespassing in the United States.

    * The military will be responsible for assisting the Border Patrol in protecting and securing the United States borders. Much of this can be training exercise for new recruits and the practice of how to use drone aircrafts.

    * Public schools, colleges, and universities will be required to submit the personal information of students who do not offer proof that they are legally in the United States into an ICE database. This action by itself will not prevent students from being able to attend school. It only gives ICE more information.

    * The maximum number of people who can be given refugee status will be 10,000 a year.

    * Setup an entry/exit system. All new foreign visitors will have their fingerprints added into a federal database.

    * No local program can give social or financial aid to anyone who is in the United States illegally other than emergency medical care. Every service has to verify legal residence. Every government agency has the right to refuse their services to anyone who cannot prove that they are legal residents.

    * Hospitals have to right to refer suspected illegal immigrant patients to immigration authorities and release the patients into their custody without fear of being sued.

    * The federal government will complete the border fence mandated by previously passed congressional laws.

    * English is the official language of the United States. All federal business with the federal government must be done in English unless congressional passed law preempts it. No government agency will be required or compelled to provide translators except when the person is suspected of a crime. No government agency other than law enforcement, the military, or foreign relations services is allowed to require or specify knowledge of a foreign language as part of its job requirement, preference, or description.

    * The United States will refuse to issue visas to the residents of other countries that refuse to accept their citizens who are being deported.

    * No federal agencies is allowed to prioritize one group of deportable illegal immigrants over another group of deportable illegal immigrants. All deportable illegal immigrants must be equal in reference to removal priority.

    * The FBI is required to investigate every candidate for President of the United States to verify that they meet the requirements of the Constitution to be President of the United States. Idealistically, the investigations will begin at least 180 days before Election Day unless the candidate request for it to be done earlier.

    * No government agency or organization that is partly supported by federal, state, county, or local money can withhold information in their possession from any immigration enforcement government agency that can be used to identify or deport illegal immigrants unless congressional laws prevent it.

    * Any federal, state, or local law enforcement agency can deny bail to anyone in the United States illegally if they choose to.

    * Every person booked into jail by law enforcement will have their fingerprints run against federal immigration databases whenever reasonably possible to determine if they are in the United States illegally. (Similar to "Secure Communities" programs)

    * If anyone proves that a business is knowingly hiring illegal immigrants, that person will receive 5% of any monetary judgment that the business must pay for committing the illegal hirings. Businesses will not hire illegal immigrants if they know the illegal immigrants they hire will squeal on them.

    * ICE will be allowed to raid businesses that are suspected of employing illegal immigrants. This practice started in the latter term of Pres. Bush and ended under Pres. Obama. They can coordinator with local police to aid them in locking down the businesses.

    * Immigration judges are allowed to take only 2 issues into account when deciding if a defendant should be deported. 1) Is the defendant in the United States illegally based upon the United States congressional passed immigration law? 2) Is the defendant a refugee or likely to obtain refugee status? No other factors matter. If anyone is in the United States illegally and is unlikely to be given refugee status, then that person should be deported. This should greatly speed up immigration trials.


    Philip Brown
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    Immigrant groups used to have people who had been here long enough to have learned English, and who would translate for the new arrivals.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

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