8 Hours Ago by Suzanne Hamner

New Revelations: Presidents of Mexico and Brazil are Victims of NSA Spy Program

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As of right now, the United States, thanks to Obama, is looking pretty darned foolish, incompetent, weak, and downright bankrupt of any principles whatsoever. If anyone thought things couldn't get any worse, they would only have to look at the newest revelations concerning NSA spying to be wrong.

A Brazilian news program, O Globo's Fantastico, reported that the National Security Agency spied on the communications of the presidents of both Brazil and Mexico, according to a report by The Guardian. The report was based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden to the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald. An NSA document dated June 2012 displaying "passages of written messages sent by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who was still a candidate at the time," was shown by Fantastico. "In the messages, Pena Neito discussed who he was considering naming as his ministers once elected." Fantastico also showed a separate document that displayed "communications patterns between Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her top advisers;" however, no specific written passages were included in the report.

It seems the Obama administration is hell bent and determined to destroy any credibility or good standing the US has in the world – if it hasn't already. If the US relationship with these two countries wasn't strained before, our relations with them are now.

In response to the revelations, Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo told O Globo Newspaper "that the contents of the document, if confirmed, 'should be considered very serious and constitute a clear violation of Brazilian sovereignty. This (spying) hits not only Brazil, but the sovereignty of several countries that could have been violated in a way totally contrary to what international law establishes,' Cardozo said."

Rousseff's spokesman would not comment on the allegations of spying and officials at the Mexican presidential palace did not "immediately" respond to the request for comment. Rouseff has scheduled an October formal state meeting in Washington with Obama; a trip that was to "illustrate the warming in Brazil-US relations since she took office in 2011."

In his attempt to garner more information on previous disclosures by Snowden in regards to the US spying on Brazil, Cardozo traveled to Washington last week to meet with Joe Biden and other officials.

Regardless of what anyone says about Snowden, I happen to believe this guy an American patriot. He has really stuck it up the wazoo to Obama and the useful idiots in Washington who continually go along with this violation of the US Constitution with spying against American citizens; and, who also jeopardize international relationships with foreign governments by violating their sovereignty.

However, his actions to expose the violations of the federal government have been in vain and his sacrifice hollow if Americans do not stand up and demand their government cease all unconstitutional activities, address the questionable legitimacy of the man in the oval office, and impeach and remove the criminals that currently occupy administrative positions, including the president, vice president and the judicial branches.

Unresolved scandals perpetuate this administration. With Congress returning from recess on Sept. 9, the question of a "limited" attack on Syria looms. It is highly unlikely that any of those scandals will be resolved, or investigations continued. There will be the threat of global war to consider and the continued constitutional crisis of the US will seem minuscule. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are too many irons in the fire, and they are all heating up.

Our international good standing has been withering away for quite some time. From the looks of it, Obama and his cronies are intent on hammering the last nail in the coffin. The Obama administration is behaving like the bully on the neighborhood block. The way to combat a bully is to stand up to him. All it takes is one country to stand up against the administration and the US to get others to follow. Could these actions by the administration be the ones that bring a war to the shores of our nation – a military action by outside forces to "put the US in its place?"

It's something to think about long and hard. War is a dirty business. It isn't fair; it isn't pretty and certainly breeds more civil unrest and lawlessness than what is being witnessed in some cities around the country – Chicago, Detroit, Wilmington and others – as people struggle to survive. War should be reserved for noble causes rather than a demonstration of one man's ego, or a country's government's collective arrogance. There are no greater noble causes than freedom, sovereignty and preservation of individual rights. Is American inching closer to the B movie plots of "Red Dawn" and "V for Vendetta?" Addendum: As this was being written, Freedom Outpost's Dean Garrison reported that Britain sold chemicals to Syria to produce Sarin gas. http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/bo...uce-sarin-gas/

This should add additional rationale for cleaning up our own government.