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Thread: A New York Scene (Socialists v. Trump)

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    A New York Scene (Socialists v. Trump)

    As most of you might have heard, this weekend saw a spate of anti-Trump rallies in both Arizona and New York City. Although the demonstrations here did not result in widespread lawbreaking and disruption, they did give you a sense of the mentality pervading open borders fanatics and socialist political activists within this country.

    Our good friend
    Pamela Hall was there to witness and record the scenes outside of Trump Tower and Columbus Circle, including a spirited counter-demonstration by NY ICE.
    Reporting without fear or favor-American Rattlesnake

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    The opening page from the NY ICE website - brace yourself....she is also on the special victims page (the examiner story hyperlinks within the articles are gone)

    In Memory of Serenity Reedy: Another Baby Raped and Killed by an Illegal Alien

    On June 8, 2013, in California, a 9 month old baby named Serenity Reedy was found killed, and an illegal alien from Mexico named Jose Luis Aguilar has been charged.

    Serenity Reedy suffered head trauma and vaginal cuts and abrasions.

    Like Aguilar, most illegals come from Latin America, and it is a common practice in many Latin American Countries for an illegal alien man to prey upon an unattached mother FOR THE PURPOSE OF MOLESTING HER DAUGHTER.

    Jose Luis Aguilar likely targeted little Serenity's mother because she had a daughter.

    Many Americans assume that the fundamental values and precepts that make us a good society are universally shared, and they're not. For example, in many of these villages and towns that these illegal alien men from Mexico are coming from, the age of sexual consent for a little girl is as young as 12 years old.

    But, Rubio and Schumer, proponents of the biggest illegal alien amnesty in U.S. history, will never talk about Serenity. Instead, they will make fictitious nods to "criminal background checks" of illegal aliens which are IMPOSSIBLE since Mexico will NOT release the criminal histories of its citizens living illegally in the U.S.

    Jose Luis Aguilar probably has perpetrated something like this in his home country of Mexico, but we will never know, nor will Serenity's mother. Mexico will never release that history about Aguilar, and will retain the "rights" to the criminal histories of the rest of their citizens living illegally in the U.S.

    For more information on NY ICE's Special Victims, please visit our Special Victims Page:

    There are more cases listed at
    Special Victim Dog Who Was Raped by an Illegal Alien:

    On March 10, 2014 in South Carolina, an illegal alien named Lorenzo Paez Calles was arrested for raping a blue-nosed pitbull. You can read more about Lorenzo and view his Photo on NY ICE's Faces of Hate Page at this Link:

    The victim was the owner's youngest female pitbull, and the owner caught Calles in the act of raping her dog.

    The dog was brought for emergency veterinary care, and has lived through this.

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