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Thread: Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

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    Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

    Written on May 25, 2013 at 5:30 pm by alpineski

    Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

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    By Daniel Greenfield

    What is the price of diversity? Aside from all the violence, itís $713,740.30 per immigrant.

    The newspaper has previously revealed that Norway loses 4.1 million kroner ($713,740.30) for each non-western immigrant coming into the country and that immigration has cost 70 billion kroner ($12,185,810,000) in seven years.

    On Wednesday the newspaper determined that the government spends 2 million kroner ($348,110) per newly arrived non-Western immigrant they get to work or study.

    And what is the Norwegian government getting for all its money?

    Nevertheless, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) fewer and fewer start work or studies.

    Only half of the participants who completed the program in 2010 are doing something useful after two years of training in Norwegian, social studies and other subjects.

    Why should they bother when a generous welfare state awaits?

    Including social benefits and course fees, the state has spent a total of 56 billion kroner ($9,747,080,000) on training of 56 000 immigrants from 2004 to 2010.

    It would have been cheaper to pay them to go home.

    This also means that the government has spent 23 billion kroner ($5,743,815,000 on 23 000 people that are not doing something useful.

    For comparison, the Ministry of Educationís budget this year of 55 billion ($9,574,565,000) before loan transactions.

    This means that the government has spent as much on getting 33 000 non-western immigrants into work or studies within six years as the stateís total spending on day care, school, education and research for the entire population of the state budget for 2013.Ē


    Itís bloody expensive.
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    Sounds familiar. Cater to foreignors who aren't really needed, get next to nothing in return. It would be cheaper to pay them to get out - and cheaper still to not have let them in, in the first place. Or simply to have used foreign aid, to better their conditions in their home countries.
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    Two of the biggest lies spread around the world are the benefits of immigration and diversity. Cheap labor never benefits the taxpayer....................
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