I just had to vent about this ad somewhere. Mike Coffman, my house representative, did a complete 180 on illegal immigration after he was reelected. He claims that meeting some of his constituents recently turned him into an illegal alien lover, but everyone knows that his open borders conversion is all about getting reelected. The state democrats recently gerrymandered his district and Coffman made the cold political calculation that he needs to get on the amnesty wagon in order to get reelected in 2014. Of course, things won't end well for him because he won't get enough votes from the illegal lovers to offset all of the votes he won't be getting from people like me who voted for him in 2012. Here's an ad that the NRCC made for Coffman. Based on the ad, it looks like I should vote for the democrat if I want to choose the candidate who favors strict immigration enforcement measures. http://www.nrcc.org/romanoff/