NYC Man Didn’t Even Realize He Was Victim Of ‘Knockout Game’ Until Surveillance Video Surfaced



Here’s another case of the ‘knockout game’ that the media assures us is just a hoax perpetrated by racists trying to frighten people into believing that there actually might be black on white crime in America motivated by racial
animosity. So don’t believe what you see above or read below – it’s all made up:

A Rockville Centre man has his jaw wired shut and stitches across his face following what may have been a “knockout game” attack in New York City this past Sunday.

Kyle Rogers was found unconscious on the street after being attacked by an unknown assailant Sunday morning. Rogers woke up in an ambulance, unaware of what had landed him there. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Police believe the attack was done at random.

Rogers’ father was able to locate the place he was attacked and found cameras had recorded the entire incident. The video shows Rogers being struck in the head by a man who appears to have something hard clenched in his fist. The video also appears to show another man recording the assault.

None of this happened – and if you believe it did, you’re probably a racisty racist chock full of racism.

Additional video:
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His father had to do the work of the police and still the NYC police won't call it what it is.