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    How can I get a MMP bumper sticker and yard sign?
    "Never suppose that in any possible situation, or under any circumstances, it is best for you to do a dishonorable thing..." --Thomas Jefferson

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    In just a couple of weeks, Gilchrist will lead nearly 1,000 men and women from across the country into the Arizona desert, where they will search for Mexicans and other Latinos crossing the border illegally.
    I just want to make clear that it isn't just Hispanics that walk across that border to sneak into our country. And it wasn't just Hispanics Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox, Jim Chase and the others are watching for. There are live Minuteman Updates just about every day at various on-line locations. A lot of stuff has been found that isn't Hispanic but Islamist. Plane tickets have been found!

    Obviously I'm new and this thread is old. But now that the Minuteman project is well underway and wildly successful, I wonder what Jim Gilchrist thinks now? Does he see himself as the hero he is?

    I wanted to go there but couldn't get time away. I've sent donations and will send more when my next paycheck comes in. I think this is the most meaningful thing that has been done in this country by Americans in a long time.

    There is talk of other projects in other places. If they come to my area, I will house some, wash their clothes, feed them, give them whatever extra beds I have in my house and whatever else I can do to show them that I believe in them.

    Most of all, I hope another project isn't necessary--that Congress will get off it's behind and start insisting that the laws we already have against illegal immigrants are enforced and that new, tougher laws against the US employers who hire them are made. When a few shots lose their material possessions for importing illegal immigrants, the jobs will dry up and part of the incentive will be gone.

    Meantime, we need to keep rounding up all we can and sending them southward. I don't care if we bus them, send them by plane, or catapult them across the border with a slingshot, they need to be out of here.

    As for the ACLU, I'm hoping the Minutemen will turn the tables and find some reason to nit pick everything they do. The Minutemen aren't breaking any laws and never had any intention of it.
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    A Brain-twister for Our Liberal Friends

    I hesitate to bring this up, because I think the webmasters of this site are wise to tone down the "racial" rhetoric as much as possible. But, considering that the "racist" accusation is hurled at us by our detractors with dreary regularity, I think its high time we started hurling it right back at their chump, hypocritical faces. Consider this little tid-bit. Jews as a group have historically been among the strongest supporters of liberal immigration laws and open borders in virtually every country they live in (and thats certainly true here in America) except for in one country. Can you quess what that is? Why, its the country of Israel, which has EXTREMELY conservative and restrictive immigration laws -- in fact, you have to be Jewish to be eligible for first-class citizenship. Be sure to mention this little tid-bit to that pompous windbag Ira Glasser and all the other liberal schmucks at the ACLU.

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