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Thread: Oathkeepers Intel Report on Groups trying to Stop Trump inauguration

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    Oathkeepers Intel Report on Groups trying to Stop Trump inauguration

    The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of
    Donald J. Trump
    (Updated 01/15/2017)

    by NavyJack

    In my last article, "Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day", I outlined the efforts of a new organization named Refuse Fascism to prevent the ascension of Donald Trump to President of the United States. My conclusion regarding this organization's ability to achieve their objective was that they would fall short of their goal. I believe that this group will be unable to field more than 10,000 protesters by inauguration day. Today is their first planned action, a march starting at McPherson Square at 1600hrs EST. This march will be repeated daily until Inauguration Day. We will have observers in the area to determine if this group gains any traction. This group has all of the earmarks of the "Hand off Cuba" operation conducted by the CIA to establish a narrative for blame for the assassination of JFK. I am concerned that there are people in positions of power that would accept a similar fate for Donald Trump .

    In my article titled "#DisruptJ20 Threatens the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony" we reviewed the DisruptJ20 and ANTIFA organizations that have stated a desire to keep the Inauguration from taking place. These groups could potentially field as many as 6,000 protesters and have three basic components; the people who just want to protest, the people who are willing to violate minor laws (blocking traffic, blocking access to the inauguration security checkpoints, etc.) and the people who have no limits. Organizationally, they are very similar to the group responsible for the riots in Portland, OR immediately following the election. Somehow, the people not wanting to break the law accept those who will break the law into their plans but feel because they are not personally doing the illegal action, they are not really responsible for the results.

    The third group we have reviewed is ANSWER Coalition. ANSWER is by far the largest of these four organizations and conservatively will bring 40,000 protesters to the inauguration day events. With the good weather that is forecast, the number could be significantly higher. They are primarily comprised of college age students and university staff members intent on protesting during the inauguration parade. They have remarkably achieved permits to stage their personnel at critical points along the inauguration parade route.

    ANSWER Coaltion is the least militant of the three groups discussed. They have been infiltrated by members of the more militant organizations that intend to leverage their larger numbers to help achieve more significant results. The management of ANSWER Coalition is oblivious to this infiltration and these plans.

    Another group that receives a lot of attention is a pro-Trump group known as Bikers for Trump. They will also be present in significant numbers. Their staging area is close to the US Capital. It is not close enough to any of the protest groups planned activities to provide any meaningful resistance should the protests spin out of control. Supporters of Donald Trump will be outnumbered at a ratio of 8/1 for the entire schedule of inauguration activities.

    To read more, or to make a comment, GO HERE.
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    Oath Keepers Call to Action: Help Defend Free Speech from Violent Thugs at Inauguration

    by Stewart Rhodes

    Oath Keepers Operation DefendJ20

    Calling all Oath Keepers and all other level-headed and capable patriots and groups,
    We DO NOT expect the radical leftists to be successful in their rather ambitious and absurd plans to disrupt or even stop the Inauguration. We expect them to fail. But we are very concerned about the safety of the patriotic good people who will be there to enjoy the Inauguration, whom the leftists are threatening to assault and attack with violence. Those threats are now so well documented, and of such a clear a present danger, that we are honor bound to act in defense of the peaceable attendees. That is, after-all, what we do. It's in our blood, in our training, and in our very purpose in life, to be the protectors.

    Therefore, we call on those of you who are able-bodied and know how to handle yourselves well, and especially military and police veterans with applicable training and experience, who can remain calm under pressure, to come to Washington DC during the Inauguration and surrounding events (any days you can from Jan 18-20) to protect peaceable American patriots who are now being threatened with assault and other acts of violence by radical leftist groups, as well as to act as additional eyes and ears to "back the blue" and help keep watch on the violent leftists (and to also watch for jihadist terrorists) and spot and report to law enforcement.

    This operation needs to be carried out in a low-key and even covert manner, as we did with our Operation Sabot on election day, since that keeps the bad-guys guessing where you are, how many of you are out there, wondering if they are under direct observation, and wondering if they will be caught and interdicted if they attempt to assault a vulnerable potential victim they have targeted.

    Many of our members were already planning on attending the Inauguration, but recent events have compelled us to call on more of you to go to DC to help protect the attendees, if you are able and qualified to do so, if you are within reasonable travel distance from Washington DC, and if you feel called to this mission. This is strictly voluntary, for those who are willing. Those who choose to stay home to secure their local areas instead, against the very real possibility of terrorist attack by ISIS (which has promised to make January 20 "Bloody Friday" across the United States) or against the possibility of nation-wide civil unrest in the event things go badly in DC, have our respect. Let your conscience and your best judgment of where you are needed be your guide. But please also respect the choice of those who, like us, feel compelled by a sense of duty to go to DC. This is rightly an individual decision for each to make, like any volunteer mission we have undertaken, be it Bundy Ranch, Ferguson, Missouri, or any of the many others.

    We know other patriotic groups, such as Bikers for Trump, and some Three Percenter groups, will also be in attendance in strong numbers in DC, and we will do our best to coordinate with them, but the main focus of this effort will be to have widely dispersed, low-key patriot buddy teams, four-man, and eight-man teams working to spot possible violent criminal activity and to interdict bad guys and protect victims of assault until the police can come to their aid. If you need to reach us, please email us at:

    We will also post up frequent updates on our Twitter page, on this main site, and on our Facebook page. If we need to post up an emergency rally point for the public to see, we will post it there. Otherwise, consult our members-only forum, or coordinate with us at the above email if you are from another patriot group.

    Please continue reading more HERE, as there is a lot more information.
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