Obama’s Approval Rating Drops to Its Lowest Point

Aug. 30, 2013 5:30pm Jason Howerton

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to its lowest point ever recorded, according to a new NBC News poll.
The president’s overall approval rating was tallied at just 44 percent. Obama’s approval rating matched that in 2011 following a debt ceiling battle with Congress, but it has never been recorded lower.
WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 30: US President Barack Obama (L) welcomes President Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia, President Dalia Grybauskaite of Lithuania (R), and President Andris Berzins of Latvia in the Cabinet Room of the White House August 30, 2013 in Washington, DC. Credit: Getty Images

Business Insider’s Brett LoGiurato has more details on the NBC News poll:
This time, the drop is largely due to foreign policy concerns. Only 41% approve of the way Obama is handling foreign policy, the lowest ever. Consider that just last December, 52% approved of the way he was handling foreign policy.
The drop in satisfaction in foreign policy comes as Obama has ramped up talk for military action in Syria. According to the poll, Americans aren’t very satisfied with the way he has approached U.S. involvement in that conflict, either. Only 35% approve, and 44% disapprove.
The poll also showed the quagmire facing Obama as he decides how to proceed in Syria. Almost four in five Americans think that Obama should seek Congressional approval before moving forward with any strikes in Syria.
Overall, 50% think that the U.S. should not intervene in Syria, even in the wake of suspected chemical weapons attacks by the Assad regime last week. But a majority of Americans — 52% — do support intervention if it is limited to launching cruise missiles from naval ships.
President Obama made his case for U.S. intervention in Syria on Friday, saying we’re “not considering any open-ended commitment.”
“We’re not considering any boots on the ground approach,” he added.
Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that history will judge the U.S. “extraordinarily harshly” is the country doesn’t act against Syria following reports of a chemical weapon attack.