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Obama Desperately Pleads with Americans to Ignore “Phony Scandals”

He seems to do this every time we get close to the truth.

Obama Desperately Pleads with Americans to Ignore “Phony Scandals”

in News, Videos / by Brandon Walker / on June 27, 2014 at 11:05 am

A desperate President Obama was on the news recently, pleading that we should ignore all the “phony scandals” once again. In fact, he wants us to remember that despite these “phony scandals” we shouldn’t be “cynical.”
Yes, he actually called the American people that. According to Obama, keeping track of all these “phony scandals” is “playing politics, its all politics” and it’s making us “cynical.”
He put on his best “Obama knows best” face and went into advice giving mode, stepping up to the mic to tell everyone to ignore the fireworks and “phony scandals” as it was all “politics.” Obama fails to acknowledge that facts aren’t red or blue. Facts are facts.
He even tried to tell the American people he was once like all of us. (I’m not sure about everyone else, but I wasn’t a rich kid from a Communist family in Hawaii.)

Let’s take a look at some of these “phony scandals.”

  1. IRS Targeting Conservative Groups and The Tea Party – I guess that we should also forget that they tried to apologize last year to the AP or have managed to destroy every copy of the emails from Lois Learner, along with their back up copies. Maybe the President wants us to forget the involvement of Rep Cummings.
  2. Benghazi – This is four treasonous acts in one.
  3. Spying on the Associated Press - Nothing says “Obama supports the First Amendment” like spying on the AP.
  4. DOJ v James Rosen
  5. The first time Eric Holder perjured himself before congressional hearings.
  6. ATF and “Fast and Furious”
  7. The second time Eric Holder perjured himself before congressional hearings -This time they threatened his paycheck.
  8. Secretary Sebelius runs extortion racket - Nothing says “phony scandal” like openly admitting you were cooking the books for Obamacare and extorting people.
  9. Obama’s Pigford scandal - Breitbart was right and also died in another “phony scandal” during the presidency.
  10. GSA spending out of control and wild parties at taxpayer expense.
  11. Extortion 17 – I could go on and on about how the White House version doesn’t pass the smell test.
  12. Green Energy Companies getting money outside the US and going belly up more times with more money then we can count.
  13. Obamacare Website ties to Michelle’s pocketbook
  14. Obamacare in itself and changing mandated law against the Constitution – Mr. President, you can not pick and choose who has to buy something or change deadlines. Congress makes laws by the Constitution, not you.
  15. Government Paid Escort Service for Illegals to come to the USA.
  16. Telling ICE to stand down and not do their job.
  17. Refusal to prosecute the Defense of Marriage Act.
  18. Giving weapons to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS
  19. Releasing the head of ISIS from jail.
  20. Using military assets and soldiers to train ISIS in Jordan.

I could probably ramble on about 50 of the President’s “phony scandals,” but I figure 20 is enough.
I don’t think you, Mr. President, have a right to tell anyone about being cynical. You have no one to blame but yourself for the people being displeased with you and Washington’s performance. If it was one of us, we’d be in jail!
Who in their right mind are these 35% of people in America that think you, as a President, are doing a great job? Nixon resigned for a lot less.