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    Obama Makes It Clear That Amnesty Will Help Democrats

    Posted 05/14/2014 06:56 PM ET

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement released 36,007 convicted aliens last year who were being detained pending deportation, according to a document...

    Immigration: After releasing tens of thousands of criminal aliens, President Obama urgently asks law enforcement officials to lean on Republicans to pass amnesty. Will the GOP deport itself out of victory this year?

    Congressman Lamar Smith called it "the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials."

    According to a document obtained from the Center for Immigration Studies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement released 36,007 convicted aliens last year who were being detained pending deportation. The tally includes 193 convictions for homicide, 426 for sexual assault, 303 for kidnapping, 1,075 for aggravated assault and 16,070 for drunk or drugged driving.

    Rep. Smith, a Texas Republican, reacted by calling for a hold on consideration of immigration reform.

    Why would a president let loose so many alien criminals? It might be the incompetence we've come to expect from this administration. But don't forget Obama knows a lot of these criminals will vote for his party.

    Addressing law enforcement representatives on Tuesday, he emphasized there was only "a window of two to three months to get the ball rolling in the House of Representatives" on the amnesty-for-illegals-based immigration overhaul Democrats want so badly. "And your voices are going to be absolutely critical to that effort."

    Law enforcement pressure, he said, is "making a difference" against conservative House Republicans opposing amnesty. And it can help Speaker John Boehner and other GOP leaders favoring amnesty get "political space that allows them to go ahead and get it through their caucus and get it done."

    Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum has published a landmark report on how the immigrants of today and their children overwhelmingly support expansion of big government, and thus vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Even without reform, present levels of legal immigration "will add nearly 15 million new potential voters by 2036, a large share of whom will favor the Left," it points out.

    Unless legal immigration is reduced — something that can only happen with Republicans in power in both Congress and the White House — "it will force Republicans to either permanently become a minority party or move to the left politically," the report warned.

    But immigration isn't just a long-term threat to the GOP. Amnesty for illegals will this year "alienate the Republican base, working class whites, at least 4 million of whom stayed home in 2012," the Eagle Forum analysis pointed out.

    Yet the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, thinking only of quick, cheap labor, continues to divide Republicans, nonsensically warning the party this week not to bother fielding a presidential candidate for 2016 without an amnesty this year.

    Now that even Obama has stressed to supporters what a priority it is for him, will Republicans — as ever, the Stupid Party — catch on that amnesty is their electoral death warrant? You're better off betting on a criminal alien being deported.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    The real problem that the GOP faces is being made irrelevant by its own RINOS. The Repubs who are so eager to please their big money donors are more of a threat than 'Bama is. Big money donors want a docile, unorganized labor force. Sell out RINOS are doing their best to please those donors.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    America jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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