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Thread: Obama Operatives Want Eric Holder 2016

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    Obama Operatives Want Eric Holder 2016

    Obama Operatives Want Eric Holder 2016


    Holder makes a lot of sense from a Democrat perspective. He can draw the same minority voters that propelled Obama to victory. He can also defray criticism of his failures as AG by calling Republicans racist. He'd also keep Obama from endorsing Hillary. He'd also continue Obama's agenda.

    From WND:
    Before Hillary Clinton decides what she will do after resigning as secretary of state, she ought to consider that top Democratic operatives are already positioning a challenger who could disrupt her presidential hopes every bit as much as Barack Obama did in 2008.

    Very quietly, WND has learned that support is building behind the scenes among top Democratic party operatives close to Obama to position Attorney General Eric Holder to run for president in 2016, expressing a determination to succeed Barack Obama with a virtual political clone.

    Should Holder run for president in 2016, his candidacy would provide a strong counter to any presidential campaign Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might decide to launch.

    As Secretary of State during Obama’s first term in office, Clinton could reasonably expect to have Obama’s endorsement for her presidential run, an endorsement that would be complicated for Obama if Holder decided to run.

    With Holder’s nomination for president in 2016, the political left controlling the Democrat Holder could also expect to hold together the modern-day version of FDR’s New Deal coalition that voted Obama a second term in this year’s presidential election.

    Holder is likely to draw similar percentages to Obama among minority inner city African-American voters.

    Read more at Obama Operatives Want Eric Holder 2016
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    This makes me ill.
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