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    Obama Should Be Held Personally, Financially and Legally Lia

    Obama Should Be Held Personally, Financially and Legally Liable for Illegals
    Michael Skinner
    Yahoo! Contributor Network
    Aug 21, 2011

    It is against the law to cause someone to enter into or to stay within the borders of the United States who has no visible means of support. So even by executive order, Obama cannot stop the deportation of illegal aliens unless he agrees to financially support them and to take legal responsibility for their actions. This means that Obama plans to give these foreign criminals jobs. Given that our unemployment level is around 9%, we don't have any extra jobs to be giving to illegal aliens. If Obama claims that there is lawful employment, at legal wages, with working conditions that meet code that Americans refuse to do, the question would be: Have law abiding American citizens been given the chance to apply for these jobs? Does Obama have proof that the jobs he is about to give away to foreign criminals have been refused by everyone in the unemployment line? If not, then it is not right for Obama to give those jobs to illegal Aliens.

    If Obama is not promising jobs to the illegal aliens that he refuses to deport then surely he is promising them welfare. However, it is my understanding that it is explicitly against the law to bring criminal aliens into the United States for the purposes of putting them on welfare.

    Given how clearly illegal Obama's criminal alien policy is one has wonder why he insists on it? Is he buying votes, taking bribes or doing political favors? ... ially.html
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