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Thread: Obama supporters threaten to riot if Romney wins

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    It is escalating.
    More Obama supporters threaten to kill Romney if he becomes president

    Ocean Burst!@NooNiggaNoo_
    i hate mitt romney so bad that if he becomes president im gunna kill him

    Complete article at:More Obama supporters threaten to kill Romney if he becomes president | Twitchy
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    New Threats to Riot if Obama Loses Election

    Buzz explodes across web

    Paul Joseph Watson
    October 15, 2012

    Despite the issue receiving national media attention, Obama supporters continue to threaten to riot if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, raising the prospect of civil unrest if Obama fails to secure a second term.

    The new threats continue to dominate Twitter and the vast majority make no reference to press coverage of the issue over the last week, illustrating the fact that they are a legitimate expression of how many Obama voters plan to respond if Romney comes out on top, and not merely a reaction to media hype.

    An story written by Michael Snyder which was picked up by the Drudge Report over the weekend and has since gone viral documented how Twitter was flooded with messages from Obama supporters threatening to riot, a sign that “whichever side loses this election will accuse the other side of stealing the election.”

    The story was subsequently picked up by innumerable media outlets. Highly respected economist and philosopherThomas Sowell also voiced his concerns that race riots could ensue if Obama is not re-elected.

    Checking Twitter feeds this morning, we discovered that threats to riot on behalf of Obama supporters are still flooding in, with the users seemingly unaware of the fact that the media has now picked up on the buzz.

    We checked the Twitter accounts and virtually all of them are owned by people who have made hundreds or thousands of previous tweets, proving they are genuine accounts and not fakes.

    Examples of what people are saying include the following;
    “If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white persons getting pistol whipped and im startin a riot.” (SOURCE)

    “If Obama don’t win lets start a riot so Romney know what he’s getting himself into.” (SOURCE)

    “You know you ain’t shit if you gotta “MAKE” Mafukas vote for ROMNEY ! …. Mannnn OBAMA better get back in office . Or BLACK FOLKS will riot.” (SOURCE)

    “If Romney wins im goin on a rampage.” (SOURCE)

    “If Mitt Romney wins the election I think its our duties as Black folks to riot and **** shit up.” (SOURCE)

    “If every action IS met with an equal and opposite reaction ..what should workers do to employers if Romney’s elected? #Riot in the streets!!” (SOURCE)

    “If Romney becomes president let’s all start a riot.” (SOURCE)

    “I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .”IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT.” (SOURCE)

    “If romney wins, imma start a mf’n riot! Rns.” (SOURCE)

    Although most of the individuals posting the messages don’t even attempt to justify why they plan to riot, others have pointed to fears about a Romney administration withdrawing or limiting government handouts.

    You can check out some of the screenshots from these Twitter users below. We didn’t even include all of the messages because there are simply too many to track.

    In addition to rhetoric about starting riots if Obama loses, Twitter users have also targeted Mitt Romney with death threats.

    “I swear if Mitt Romney becomes president, I’m gonna be the one to assassinate his a*s (sic),” wrote one

    “If Mitt Romney win imma assassinate him (sic),” added another Obama supporter.

    Given the fact that Americans routinely riot in response to results of sporting events that don’t go their way, the notion that civil unrest could ensue if Obama is defeated is perfectly plausible.

    Only this weekend, almost a thousand skateboarders rioted because they were unable to attend a movie premiere in Hollywood because the theater only holds 600 people.

    Racial attacks carried out by mobs of black youths have also gone underreported in the media, most notably in places like Chicago and Virginia, as well as attacks at fairgrounds in Wisconsin.

    Over the past two years, both Europe and the Middle East have been rocked by riots, but America has yet to witness domestic disorder on any significant scale. Even serene Switzerland is gearing up for a massive social dislocation.

    However, the federal government has clearly been preparing for such a fallout, with huge ammunition purchases. Police departments across the country are also getting ready for unrest.

    Are Obama supporters serious when they threaten to riot if Romney wins, or are they just full of hot air? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

    Prison » New Threats to Riot if Obama Loses Election
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    Threats to Assassinate Romney Explode After Debate

    Obama supporters voice desire to kill Romney over fears food stamps will be taken away

    Paul Joseph Watson

    October 17, 2012

    Despite numerous media outlets attempting to downplay the issue, Twitter exploded last night following the debate with new threats from Obama supporters to assassinate Mitt Romney if he defeats Obama in the presidential race.

    As we reported yesterday
    , in addition to threats by Obama supporters to riot if Romney wins, innumerable Twitter users are also making direct death threats against Romney.

    The primary reason given for Obama supporters wanting to see Romney dead is the fear that he will take away food stamps.

    If the tables were turned and conservatives were making death threats against Obama in these numbers, it would be a national news story. Indeed, the mere act of hanging empty chairs from trees as a reference to Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech was hyped by the media as a deadly sign that conservatives were out to lynch black people if Obama won.

    However, the major networks have remained completely silent on the disturbing trend of Obama supporters threatening to resort to violence if their candidate fails to secure a second term.

    witchy has compiled a laundry list of assassination threats by Obama supporters made during and after the debate, and more continued to flood in this morning, including the following;

    The death threats are being made by both black and white people, emphasizing that merely drawing attention to the issue has nothing to do with “race-baiting,” as the Obama front group Think Progress claimed yesterday.It is important to stress that these Twitter accounts are genuine, they are not fakes. Many of them have thousands of previous tweets.

    The following Tweets are just some of the ones compiled by Twitchy during and after the debate;-

    “If Romney win this election, he might as well wear a shirt that says “Assassinate Me Bitch”.-

    “Yall ready to assasinate romney?”-

    “Somebody needs to asassinate This mofo Romney.”-

    “Romney make me wanna hop through the tv & just assasinate his ass.”-

    “I aint gone lie… Food stamps the shit! I mite assasinate romney my damn self if he get elected!”-

    “If romney get elected i hope a nigga assasinate his bitchass.-

    “No birth control???? Lol rlly Romney the american population is going to overflow and then we’ll have to resort to murder and you’ll be #1.”- “At this point in time I am completely prepared to MURDER ROMNEY MYSELF!”-

    “If Romney win, IM GOING TO JAIL FOR MURDER cuz imma whack his bitch ass ASAP.”-

    “If Mitt Romney wins, which I doubt, someone should assassinate him before he ruins the lives of our generation & our children.”-


    ”It is important to emphasize that these are just a selection of scores and scores of threats to assassinate Romney that have exploded on Twitter over the last 12 hours. We didn’t even have time to check Facebook or any other social networks.As Infowars has stressed, we are non-partisan and have encouraged people to vote for neither candidate. However, the hypocrisy of leftists in trying to either downplay or deny this issue altogether is jaw-dropping given how they routinely try to portray conservatives as violent and extremist by pointing to angry comments made online.*********************

    » Threats to Assassinate Romney Explode After Debate Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

    And they will be arrested and charged when? Or, will the DOJ treat this like the New Black Panther voter intimidation case?
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    May I offer the pendulum swing principle, which illustrates the increasing resistance to worst-case scenarios the closer we get to "worst-case".

    A pendulum swings from left to right and back again, over and over. It moves fastest at the bottom of its downswing, and slows to a stop at either extreme. The worse things get, the slower they arrive. Also, the worst case extreme may not even be reached.

    There is at once a force pushing any upswing or outswing back from the brink, and in intelligent frameworks, the members of the society, herd, flock, school, hive, etc., are motivated - by group-preservation, socialization, and resistance to change - to act so as to draw any outliers back within normal deviations.

    ... unless a disturbance pushes or stimulates the "pendulum" to fly off its pivot point, in which case it is no longer a part of the system, but an escaped ejectile.
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