August 19, 2013 // By: Joe Calandra Jr. // Today's News // No Comment

The national deficit is higher today than any point in American history.
President Obama’s response to the nation’s increasing debt and decreasing domestic productivity is enjoying publicly funded vacations and championing programs that could bankrupt the country.
The national deficit for fiscal year 2012 is officially 1.087 Trillion, reports CNS News!
The Congressional Budget Office reports that when President G.W. Bush left office, the national deficit was only $458.6 Billion.
That means Obama has more than doubled the national debt and his second term has only just begun!
Obama’s first five years in office have now cost the American people more than all of WW II even with inflation – when America fought two superpowers from one side of the planet to the other!
These facts beg one huge question – where is all the money going?
Taxes are at a new peak, yet, military spending is at a new low, and thousands of federal employees took a 20 percent sequestered pay cut.
More than $500 Billion has been eliminated from the budget and the Navy is reporting unbelievably risky shortages, and yet, the debt is at an all time high.
The president has been unavailable to comment on these striking budget figures because he has been busy enjoying his 15th publicly funded multi-million dollar vacation.
Don’t forget, Obama’s dog took his own private military flight to meet the President on vacation too!
Obama seems to really enjoy the simple things in life like golfing in exotic places when you’re paying it, doesn’t he?

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