Just tell me when to stop and I will.

There is courage in Founders words. Read them please.

These are mine, inspired by theirs.

Do you want to be Free Men?
Well you better start doing something then,
Do you think that history, exempts us from calamity?
come they will and if not ready,
no amount of crying will make us steady
the way to find security, is not that heady
find the pulse of Nation, weak and thready
start ministrations, prepare your statiion
don't just gnash your teeth in frustration
get you busy, and save the NATION.

Democracy is not a spectator sport
unless it is disaster you court
good things don't happen, willy nilly
it's not that I, in miracles disbelieve
I just don't want to hope, in the end, to grieve
the job of watching leaders, weary
but better than disasters teary
this is your job, you CITIZEN
to make the world safe for FREE MEN.

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