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Thread: Officials call for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

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    Officials call for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

    CHICAGO — Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, former Gov. Jim Edgar and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are among the political heavy hitters calling for Illinois to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Officials say passing such legislation would make Illinois' roads safer, and a bipartisan slate of supporters plans a news conference to discuss it today. They say about 250,000 immigrant motorists who can't get insurance are on state roads and contribute to more than $660 million in insurance claims.
    The issue also has political implications. Latino voters were credited with helping Democrats win big on Election Day.
    Edgar and Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka are Republicans and say the GOP needs to do more to court the growing voter bloc.
    New Mexico and Washington already require licenses for illegal immigrants.

    Officials call for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants - Springfield, IL - The State Journal-Register

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    wake the hell up they should not have a Licenses at all .
    No amnesty or dream act I say the world is going nuts
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    They are really better off without them from what I seen sitting in courts for my classes. It appears they can run over people, rearend them, speed, cause accidents, leave the sceen of an accidents and still pay a small fine, smaller than us American tax payers would in the same crime. We would have to pay for driving school + court cost and fine. They pay a small fee and are done... we have to return 3 or 4 times and hire an attorney... Oh yea and lets not forget our insurance increases whether it was our fault or not. Something illegals don't have to worry about. Yea courts favor illegals its obvious!
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    How is this about making roads any safer? If the illegal alien is a good driver they will be with or without a DL, If they are a bad driver and can't get a DL they will still drive as they see it as their right. However IF you want to make the roads safer how about legislation that drives away illegal aliens? Ohh but this isn't about making the roads or communities safer really is it...

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