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    Oil Spill Raises Open-Borders, Open-Port Questions

    Oil Spill Raises Open-Borders, Open-Port Questions

    Posted By Terry Graham On 14 November 2007 @ 8:10 In General | Comments Disabled

    Last week’s 58,000 gallon oil spill by a Chinese (Cosco) owned [1] container ship in the San Francisco Bay, which has migrated out of the Bay to nearby Pacific coast beaches and inlets, has various links to open borders related issues, foreign access to our shores, and China’s most favored nation (free trade) status. Local media note the spill may have resulted from a “language barrier,
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    [quote]The American bar pilot required by law to board and navigate the ship out the Golden Gate, Capt. John Cota, today said that the foreign ship’s radar [3] “conked out
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    The owner of the ship said that he would pay for all damages, cleanup and even pay for the loss of revenue from having the fisheries shut down. What does he think? If he volunteers all these solutions that he won't be investigated. Radar went down, that is totally crazy. But, it could explain why the pilot could not justify his position.

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