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    Old America, Rise Up.

    Sorry if people find this heavy. It is the Country, I want to live in. You have to face the TRUTH, before you can LIVE IN IT! naturalglenn

    Let FREEDOM ring, a song we used to sing
    we let it slide, and now we see, it doesn't mean a thing
    how then will we bring ourselves, back to center point?
    or will the Country, simply crumble down, and disjoint?
    to many process is mystery
    to me it's only History
    in order then to right the Ship
    words of FREEDOM must fall from our lips
    and more than that, the words, must manifest to MORE
    so we can hear that FREEDOM ring, on every single shore

    As a country growing up we did amazing things
    now as we are growing older, memories wait in the wings
    people move conditioned as though they were an ant
    I sat back and watched these things, now I rave and rant
    I hope that we can right these ills, don't want to say we can't
    but the rich and corporations, come up that we 'shant
    the time has come for all of us, to look at one another
    to see the Land we really ARE, and claim each as our Brother

    Time has told the story, of the failing man
    it happens all quite simply, when we failing can
    not about the bells and whistles of the modern age
    but living with each other, simple, told as Sage
    in this time, there is no more, virtue with a gun
    it is time, for all of us, to STAND UP, and be ONE!


    That thing that you would have, hope it for others too
    do it for ourselves, as just the right thing to do
    be careful what you want, for it may, in time, come true
    and if you dwelt in sickly thoughts, it's coming home to you
    remember, you are, by your enemies, defined
    treat them cruel and ugly, your own virtue, be undermined

    Have Great American Life! PS; in case people like this, I wrote it

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    Nice poetics, naturalglenn. Ya ever record it make a file we can download.

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