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    Open Letter to Bank of America

    February 20, 2007

    Dear Bank of America:

    As a commissioned Notary Public, I recently received an invitation from the Bank of America to apply for a zero percent interest credit card.

    After a brief moment of contemplation, I immediately discarded the invitation.

    This was not a difficult decision in light of the recently announced B of A policy of offering credit cards to invaders in America illegally.

    You will note that I have not referred to such people as "immigrants." That was a deliberate choice of words, because the 12-30 million invaders currently here are, in fact, not immigrants.

    Migrating to America legally is, and should be, a long, drawn-out procedure meant to protect the interests of American citizens.

    It involves more than simply jumping a fence and heading north in pursuit of free health care, education, food stamps, and other handouts paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

    Legal immigration means enduring rigorous hurdles like background checks to detect a criminal background or possible ties to terrorists. After 9/11, who can argue with this immigration screen?

    It means extensive medical examinations to detect diseases still prevalent in third-world nations, but long since eradicated here.

    It means investigation of financial solvency so as to prevent newcomers from becoming a burden on U.S. taxpayers.

    It means passing tests to measure knowledge of American history and English skills.

    Those who have jumped the fence into America in order to avoid these immigration checks are not immigrants.

    Rather, they are invading criminals with no claim to the welcome mat extended by America to legal immigrants.

    By making credit available to invaders, B of A is, in effect, declaring that rule of law is meaningless. Such a policy is not only reckless with respect to the millions of invaders already here, but will also encourage millions of others who have not yet jumped the fence to do so.

    Please remove my name from any and all lists that B of A maintains for marketing purposes.

    I prefer to conduct my business with institutions that value rule of law, homeland security, and American borders, language, and culture more highly than profits gained from relationships with criminals.


    John W. Lillpop

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    Well said, John!!!

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    Great letter!

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