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    To Husker & All
    Significance of YELLOW panties
    The Tx legislatue for 1st time in 140 years barely has a Republican majority. Each was called and told what is wanted on a particular vote, which is a disguised tax hike. Most said they would vote against it. The leader is VERY strongwilled and a bully. He was pushing it hard.

    Then those who said 1 thing instead voted FOR it. Most said they were afraid they would lose their place on a certain commitee or that the leader would help dry up their campaign financing. They are Rep and went totally chicken.

    YELLOW is to make a point of that. We are seriously considering sending jock straps to those few who voted with us say that they had the ------- enough to vote the right way!

    Good media exposure will just make it better.

    As to your comment that we cannot wait for slowly gaining ground
    You are sooooo right. Reread that article about disease. That is much scarier than what they are doing to jobs and the economy.

    Because we have not had to deal with this since mid 1920s people have really forgotten just how serious it was. If a family member caught TB or leprosy they had to go to a place that kept them isolated from the communnity. It is soooooo easy to catch. And the people who have it work in fast food places etc.. Are you sure you want that taco now?

    IT scares the hell outta me. I have lived in other countries and seen what it does. It always involves the entire family. Many people think that folks from 3rd world countries are not really very smart. Nope! It's all the resident diseases that affect your physical and thinking ability. Now think about that one.

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    Gheen, Minnesota, United States
    Beaner & others:

    Please check out our search feature and our archives. One of the things we hope to accomplish is to create a huge archive for your research and FYI. If an article is already in our archives, please link to it on the alipac site in your posts.


    New Diseases and medical costs associated with illegal immigration.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Steak/Hmbrgr lover---Watch out

    Well here it is folks.

    Some of US cattle infected with TB and must
    be destroyed or else it passes on to humans.

    Destroy = you kill them and bury them with lye so no animanl digs up the body.

    You will not see or hear that much about this because cattlemen are
    very protective and this can decimate that industry.....besides
    killing US citizens.

    In case you want to read up on it........

    LINK to Story


    LINK to Story

    These stories are since 2001 and are about killing cattle.

    When you have open illegal immigration, and nobody checks the health
    of these people who often work in our food industry.....that's when
    you get TB coming back into our country and boy is it easy to
    spread. The latest one is SUPER RESISTANT to all current antibiotics.

    If you eat infected get it.
    If someone has it and handles your food........yeah you get it.
    IF someone with it works or walks near you and coughs, then you
    breathe in the get it.
    IF you are on an airplane and someone else has get it.
    The only time it is not catching is if someone has it and they are
    currently on drugs..........then it is not communicable.

    I am NOT saying you ALWAYS get it...but the oldest/youngest/immunity
    damaged are most likely. Many get it and it incubates for quite a few
    years before breaking out.

    Welcome to this haven of diversity..........or is that stupidity?

    Would you like fries with that burger??

    Thank you to our diverse politically correct government.

    Edit: Links by Mr_Magoo

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    southern California

    Can you smell the lawsuits that are coming?

    If TB from infected cows caused by TB from illegal aliens is proven, I can already smell the lawsuits against the government. I'm going to send this article to every TV station and talking head I possibly can.

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    I do not think there is a chance in hell to prove it. It could happen with 1 infected head. Or someone with TB sneezing on some feed or grass.

    When crossing our border, the illegals leave HUGE amounts of trash and human waste in their path. All it would take is for some of that to infect a human or some dog/rat/squirrel that then passed it on to a head of beef.

    It's like I know you and Fred have been fighting and really hate each other. And I know you got that gun on the backstreets somewhere. And I know you are the so and so that shot and killed Fred and then got rid of the gun.......How do I prove it?

    Its like the He Said/She Said lawsuits.

    Almost no way in the world to prove what you are sure you know.

    If anyone reading this is a Fred or knows a Fred don't get in an uproar. Fred was always the sneak that ate the last piece of cake or left the refrigerator door open. We blamed Fred for everything that went wrong in our house.

    What we can prove is: TB incidence was down to very small levels. Now that we have 20 million illegals in the US and more coming every day, we can prove that the TB cases are up by over 700 per cent.

    And we now have diseases we never had.

    But then, this is not a court of law requiring absolute proof. This is citizens of the US knowing what is screwing up our economy and producing massive disease.

    This is citizens getting off their butt.....emailing and calling their representatives and TELLING them, not asking, what we want done and that we will work our behind off to make sure they do NOT get re-elected if they do not do what we want and what the constitution says.

    It also involves getting out and starting or joining protests against big businesses like Home Depot in California, who want their emplyees to learn Spanish. WallMart is a big employer of illegals.

    Yeah I know its not sexy. But if it is big enough then the media notices and national news cable networks will cover it and pick up the story.

    You people on here are smart. You know what is going on. You read about and want to stop it.

    So many are totally unconcious. They don't know and don't care until they are out of a job or get a disease. When it impacts them they take notice....but by then it is way too late.

    The Boston Tea Party started with not that many very pissed off people. Most other townspeople thought they were trouble making idiots. But we ended up getting America out of that deal.

    Yay for the trouble makers.

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    this is interesting.
    Do you know how close the cattle were to the border crossing areas ?
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Jan 1970
    southern California
    "When crossing our border, the illegals leave HUGE amounts of trash and human waste in their path. All it would take is for some of that to infect a human or some dog/rat/squirrel that then passed it on to a head of beef."

    Beaner, have you seen the pictures taken in Cochise County (AZ) of what you describe above? there are literally TONS of diapers, plastic bottles, backpacks, feminine products, human waste, etc. etc. that have to be removed quite often (by Americans of course). The illegals have no care at all that they are trashing our lands It's sickening.

    A couple of years ago some Arizona patriots took BAGS OF THIS TRASH and deposited them at the doors of the offices of John McCain and Kolbe the Representative. Of course McCain is silent on the invasion, and Kolbe is no better.

    I fully support the "Minutemen" that plan to patrol the AZ border next month. If I wasn't an old woman I would go myself. Our own government and the media is trying to make these patriots out to be "vigilantes". They criticize the patriots and ignore the illegal invasion. All of the open borders politicians and most of the media are hypocrites and traitors IMO.

    I never thought I would live to see the day when an American president bows to a failed third world dictator like Fox, but that day has come. Bush has sold us out.

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    To Janet
    Yes I have seen those pictures and often speak to those who take those pictures. Trash is a problem. But the human waste is what causes diseases/TB/cholera/etc.. And that is not all they do. They have slept in barns/sheds and caught them on fire. They cut fences. Most ranchers in the area stay inside after dark and walk their land fully armed.

    I remind you this is their legal land in the USA and they cannot be safe on it!!!

    I too support the MMProject in every way possible. They are pretty much our last hope before resorting to civil violence and I do not want it to go that far. I too am an old woman and cannot go tromping through the brush.

    Bush, the man I voted for, has indeed sold us out. But do not forget that Kerry made it fairly clear he would have done no different. And do not leave out almost all in the Senate and the House. This has been going on since Reagan gave them an amnesty. I liked him but Clinton and both Bush men have let this become a disaster.

    To CharlesOakIsland
    First let me tell you I love your avatar and I wonder if it means what I think it does. St Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland and the snake on the flag....

    To answer your question, NO I do not know the specifics. You would have to follow that link and see what you could discover. But I do know that people who live on or very close to the border are having (according to CDC) various health problems. Do not forget that CDC also has its share of Politically Correct people who do not want their statistics to seem racist.

    PCism will be and already is incredibly damaging to this nation.

    I research and write up a great deal of this information. So many want to call me racist so they can disregard the truth. At one speech where I knew it would happen I asked my best friend to go with me. When it started I was able to put it down.

    I called her up on the stage. Told the audience that she is park black and part Cherokee. I am part white and part Apache. She made it clear we both believe in this cause. Then I asked the hecklers that between the two of us, who were we racist answer. That's PC at work.

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