Operation Underground Railroad seeks to rescue children from human trafficking, as depicted in Sound of Freedom

07/18/2023 // Ethan Huff // 3.2K Views

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The impetus behind the release of the new Jim Caviezel film Sound of Freedom is to tell the amazing story of Tim Ballard, a former federal agent who founded the organization Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from the clutches of sex trafficking.
Alongside Caviezel, Ballard appeared in an interview with the Daily Signal's Tyler O'Neill recently to discuss the film's power to speak on behalf of all the trafficked children who, sadly, are unable to do so themselves. He also addressed the Biden regime and its abysmal border policies, which are allowing human trafficking to increase.
At the end of September 2022, the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency reported that federal authorities had encountered an astounding 152,057 unaccompanied minors at the border. By January of this year, another 91,380 all-alone children were added to the list.
Believe it or not, the U.S. tops the list as the worst country in the world for human trafficking, which is hardly a surprise when looking around at all the LGBT grooming and other perversions that have come to dominate popular culture.
"We are the demand," is how Ballard put it in the interview, explaining that "the economy of pedophilia" is a big deal in this country and elsewhere. Watch the video below to learn more about how the Biden regime's border policies, the transgender movement, and child sex slavery all intersect:

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War in Ukraine largely hinges upon the Deep State's child sex slavery trade

One of the next most corrupt nations in the world besides the U.S. where child sex trafficking has run amok is Ukraine. This is part of the reason why Russia launched its "special operation" there in addition to going after the deep state's Pentagon-run bioweapons laboratories that are littered across Ukraine's landscape.
With the help of director Mel Gibson and an organization called Aerial Recovery, Ballard has been able to successfully rescue more than 6,000 children from Ukraine who were being sex trafficked in and out of the country.
One of the biggest threats to children today in terms of trafficking and sexual exploitation is the LGBT movement. The sudden transgender push dovetails with the globalist attempt to normalize pedophilia and sexual relations with children.
By pushing homosexuality, transgenderism, and other vile perversions on children at the youngest possible age, these little ones' minds and consciences become violated and desensitized, making them ripe victims for the picking by pedophiles and child sex traffickers.
"This was a political platform," Ballard explains in the above interview about how some politicians in some countries are now openly calling for legalizing pedophilia to normalize their abominable child sex trafficking operations.
"I named them. I started calling them 'The pedophile network doctrines.' They include things like: separate children from parents because parents are a bad influence; the state knows best; sexualize kids; let them see pornography; take God out of education because that just gets in the way; consent, consent, consent – children can consent to anything; At 12 years old they should be able to vote; they should be able to do anything."
Everything in italics in the above quote is what popular culture, the media, the Biden regime, and most prominent voices now seem to be saying in a coordinated attempt to normalize wicked perversions involving children – so parents: beware of these tactics and protect your children from them.
The latest news about the scourge of human trafficking and the corporate media's complicity in supporting it can be found at Trafficking.news.
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