Since ALIPAC sent us the information regarding the anti amnesty protest for april 15th, those of us in california have had one in the state most affected.

I have contacted repeatedly different groups to see their plans, and how we can all get together.

unfortunately, to no avail. Do we have any southern californians that are interested in working together and establishing a protest.

my thoughts, are somewhere in orange county, maybe lake forest near the day laborer site, between 5pm to 7pm or so.

I would prefer the middle of sanctuary city santa ana, but, the reality, I have no faith in the police force to protect and serve, and it is the middle of gang member area.

I am bringing this up early, as two weeks is not a lot of planning time, we need to make sure everyone is prepared for a NON violent protest, but with the understanding you may have to deal with insults

we also need to be respectful and inform the sheriffs department of any area we intend to be at.

I will be the first to admit, I am not a leader, I am a great foot soldier, so I will need help from some committed people to do this correctly