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Thread: Pelosi Floats Invoking 25th Amendment to Remove Trump for Health Reasons

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    How come Pelosi and the Democrats did not remove Ruth Bader Ginsberg under this 25th amendment?

    She was clearly seriously ill for years and propped up in her seat. Missed a lot of work and should have retired.

    Nancy Pelosi should have been removed as Speaker of the House in the first year of the Trump presidency just for the fact that she blatantly ripped up the State of the Union Address on National TV right in front of the presidents face.

    Her pathetic clap in the president's face was very condescending along with her banging of the gavel.

    She should be censured and under investigation for Sedition and Treason. She should be grounded and under investigation for her travel abuse and waste of our tax dollars.

    Nancy Pelosi is why we need Term Limits. She is a petulant, immature, child who has gotten away with way too much her entire time in office.

    Nancy Pelosi should also be under investigation, along with her husband, and audited for their business ties with China and the millions they have made with their back room deals.

    Nancy Pelosi is derelict in her duties as Speaker of the House to work with a sitting president. That is a condition of the position as Speaker. She is unwilling, and unable, to do the job. She has proved this over and over again. She is behind these bogus witch hunts, the sheer waste of our tax dollars, and the hate and division we now have between the House and Senate.

    Nancy Pelosi is directly responsible for holding up aid to struggling American taxpayers with her PORK bills, bailing our Democrat burned out cities, and stuffing in free money to illegal aliens...who are NOT our citizens and do not deserve one dime of our tax money or benefits!

    How in the world does Nancy Pelosi get away with her vulgar abuse of the position as Speaker of the House. She should be replaced immediately.

    Where is the "You Are Disgrace to the Office Amendment" to remove these swamp rats from office?
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