Pete Hoekstra: ‘Cowardly Republicans’ Attacking Donald Trump Because He’s an ‘Agent of Change’

21 Oct 2016
Washington, DC

Former Michigan Congressman and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Pete Hoekstra had a wide-ranging discussion about the 2016 election with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday morning. Hoekstra said, “Donald Trump is the agent of change, and just about every entity in Washington, D.C., the city that has never seen a recession, is fighting Donald Trump to make sure he does not become president.”

We expected the Democrats to fight Donald Trump,” he continued. “We expected the Washington establishment to fight Trump. What we did not expect was these cowardly Republicans – who are really saying, ‘It doesn’t make any difference to us whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House.’ Then there are those Republicans who are saying, ‘We actually kind of prefer her.'”

They won’t literally say those words, but by their actions, they’re saying, ‘We support Hillary Clinton,'” he concluded.