Pete King continues self destruction - says 'Cruz & his allies' aren't conservatives

Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday October 7th, 2013

Watch Pete King's career end in real time!

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Whatever happens with the budget and Obamacare battles, one thing is certain. The RINO wing of the GOP has placed itself in a no-win scenario. If congressional conservatives manage to win their fight, the RINOs will have been outed as the Neville Chamberlains of American politics. Sure, they'll try to claim some sort of after-the-fact credit, but they'll fail miserably. On the other hand, if the GOP goes down in defeat, the RINOs will stand around saying "see I told you so" while every conservative in the country glares at them - well aware that turncoat Republicans were instrumental in the loss. They'll have completely lost their base and - as a result - their careers will lay in ruin.

If John McCain wears the crown among those Republicans who've actively fought against the conservatives in their own party, Pete King is surely standing behind him, holding the RINO megaphone. He just never misses a chance to target those on the right who are willing to stand their ground. In particular, he despises Ted Cruz. In fact, King isn't even willing to admit the "morally self righteous" Cruz is, in fact, a conservative at all.

From the Politico:

Speaking to POLITICO in his Capitol Hill office, King rejected the notion that he, rather than the great majority of his colleagues who have supported the shutdown, is out of step with the national Republican electorate.

“I don’t consider these guys conservatives. I think the party is going in an isolationist trend. It’s appealing to the lowest common denominator in many ways. And this whole threat of defunding the government, to me, is not conservative at all,” said King, who added later: “Maybe we do live in different worlds. These guys from the Ted Cruz wing live in their own echo chamber.”

The rest of King's comments are interesting as well - not because he's saying anything worthwhile, but because he sounds so much like John McCain during the 2008 campaign. It sounds like ol' Pete has decided to build the entirety of his future in politics on McCain's "renegade maverick" shtick. He thinks his outlier district is representative of the whole country, and he's defiantly proud of his record of bucking his own party. That's kind of shocking, considering he keeps hinting at a possible 2016 White House run of his own.

Why in the world would anyone embrace this career path, knowing full well how miserably it failed during the ascendency of Barack Obama?

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